Thursday, November 6, 2008

Football Weekend Preview!

1. Stingers vs Blountville Vols
Projected- Stingers by 5
This is going to be a huge game. Vols have a 6 game winning streak and 7 wins overall. I have 10 wins/winning streak. Someones going to lose big. The Vols are 3rd in our division (I'm 1st of course) and are 3rd overall in power rankings. This is a key game. We can both beat the other little shits but who can win against eachother?

2. Niagara Maulers vs Goldy's Bully's
Projected- Bully's by 19
Hoping for the upset here. His team is a powerhouse with every member of his team ranking over me except his defence. Luckily most are only by a couple points. So anything can happen.

3. Hamilton Maulers vs Circle da Wagons
Projected- Maulers by 37
Good, I rank over him with everything except TEs and Kickers and who cares about them. And a win would help in standings too, currently there's a close race, 4-way 6 wins-3 loss record.

4. Maulers vs Huevous Rancheros
Projected- Huevous by 16
Again another close game, why must one team suck and one team be awesome in each league? Hopefully I'll make the upset and gain a win, we've got a 4-5 record.

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