Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weird Day

Well today I woke up just in time for school. But I had to decide whether to try for the bus or wait for the next bus and be a few minutes late. I went for the bus. It didn't show so I walked anyway. Turns out it wasn't a class day anyway! F**k! Okay then so I do my classes and decide rather than going on bus #2, I'd go on bus #7, it really doesn't matter because I'm going to switch buses at the terminal. Oh and it's a fucking blizzard outside! Well guess what, my body decided it was time to sleep. Waking up periodically throughout the trip. Eventually I woke up and now there were people in the bus! And the bus was stopped! Son of a bitch! I get off the bus just in time to see ALL THE OTHER BUSES LEAVE THE TERMINAL! ASS! So I go in the terminal and entertain myself with the wonders of Wi-Fi and then half an hour later I finally get on the bus, after which there's another 15 minute delay. About 15-20 minutes after that I'm home.

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