Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing Stinger503's Lists

I'm taking a break from my homework for two things.
  1. Unveiling my lists
  2. Complain

First my Lists will be a "segment" if you will of things that piss me off, I like to eat, games I like, etc. They can range from 10 or 100 and here is my first list entry...

List: 100 Things that Piss Me Off

List: 100 Things that I Forget

#46 & #3 (respectively)

THE <> (greater than less than) symbols. There must be an illness for this. Some sort of disease. I





I have been learning these from at least grade 3 and to this day I cannot remember which is which. How is this possible!? Good lord this should be easy to remember but there no way, I will always forget. And here is why this pisses me off! WHO INVENTED THIS CRAP! "Hey let's make them the same except backwards" Idiot! Why not make a greater than bigger and less than smaller and than its problem solved. Not only that but they also have ^ on the keyboard. How useless is that. Every other symbol on the keyboard is useful except that! You can't even use it as an arrow because it's too far up. The ONLY thing it's used for is writing math in computer notation which is stupid. At least regulate it to the num pad where it's with +- that way it can be used in math. And then put something useful in it's place like a smiley face or anything!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Greatest Win Ever!

Two days ago I bought Chessmaster Live on Xbox Live Arcade. And although I enjoy playing chess, I'm terrible at it. So remembering back to a documentary about Deep Blue I saw and my personal experience playing computers I realized I could possibly do better by downloading program and having a computer give me an advice on what my moves should be. The first program had bugs and I lost 2/3 games because of them. I downloaded a 2nd program and it works so far. Well here's what happened,

I got a game with a guy who set it for 30 minutes (we both had 30 minutes). I waited a while and then he messaged me,

Him: Could you resign?

To which I responded,

Me: How about no.

I guess he thought I didn't get the first message so he sent a second,

Him: Could you resign cause I don't want to play a pushover. (His ELO 1100, mine 561)

Well that's not very nice, I guess he got my first message, his response which wasn't any better,

Him: Okay then get ready to get raped!

Now it's on. It's give and take for awhile and my time is getting less and less (I have to move on the computer, wait for the computer, then move on the game). At about 3 minutes the computer had a plan, then with 2:20 left in the game he resigned knowing that his next move would be checkmate. It was glorious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hello, sorry I didn't post about Rambo last week, I just got behind and then over the weekend I was at home so I didn't have any time there either. Rambo was really good. Tell me what do you think a Rambo movie should have? Blood? Check. Half Decent Plot? Check. Lots of Badassedness? Check. Really as far as action movies go this is probably going to stand out as one of the best this year. Basically the plot is Rambo takes some religious people into wartorn Burma. These people get caught by the Burmese army (Which really goes all out when killing civilians, you know, motars, guns, machetes, huge guns on jeeps, mines, heck even pigs) So Rambo goes in with some mercenaries hired by the church (?) and kicks ass! Really if you like action, see this movie.

This weekend was fun, I got to eat at Montana's with Jenni (my girlfriend I'll post about her lator) and be with my family (watch Extras with my dad, HILARIOUS show!). See ya

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My lucky day...

Well today it seems the gods have smiled upon me, after getting up and going to school for breakfast (we are out of milk and I'm too lazy to put a waffle in the toaster oven) I got a blueberry muffin and chocolate milk (I also got this juice stuff, like the free stuff you get from M&Ms) As I sat down at a table in the cafeteria to drink the juice I thought "Hey were in the Simcoe wing today, boy wouldn't I have been an ass if I had waited at Merritt wing for my math class." Then my brain thought "Hey that might been an unused classroom right now. I could eat there, thus I wouldn't be required to remember to go there." Then my stomach chirped up "After juice goddamn it!" So after my juice I went to Simcoe wing and as I got up to the third floor I realised that there was a class in there, and they're wearing suits, so I can't eat my muffin in there. Damn. My brain thought "Well great, now I have to find a chair or couch to sit on in this hallway." I looked around in my immediate area and saw that my math teacher was sitting right next to our classroom. Now the shy little boy in me said "NO! NO! NO!" But my legs and stomach said "SHUT UP OR WE'LL KICK YOUR ASS YOU LITTLE SHIT!" and I sat. We had some small talk about breakfast and then she asked how my homework went. Again the shy little boy in me said "Good! Perfect! No Problem!" then brain said "Shut up! We need help on those last friggin' questions!" So I told her and she said she would take them up on the board. Yay! So the class leaves, we go in and I sit down and engulf my breky. Afterwards as people in our class start coming in the shy little boy in me thinks "What if she asks us about the question brain? Huh? What if she blantantly points out that it's me who wants to know the answer? Or what if she asks you what the answer to a question is? What are you going to do?!"
So class started and she began the lesson by reviewing the questions I inquiried about. She asks "Which equation should we use...Chris?"
"One" I say,
and that was it, she did the questions and I learned. And that was it. Why did I mentally freak out? I haven't a clue, it's just in my nature. Ever since we had to get off the carpet and into chairs I've been terrified of asking questions or answering questions or being asked questions or being asked to answer questions. I get cold on the inside, I sweat, I panic.
But on the other hand I was extremely lucky. If I hadn't thought of going up early, if the teacher hadn't been there or if someone else had sat there, I wouldn't have asked about the questions, even if she asked the class, "Any questions about the homwork?" I know I would have said nothing. Leaving me at a terrible disadvantage in one of my worst subjects.

I also saw the Rambo movie last night so I'll post a review of that tonight.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


THANK GOD IT'S FEBRUARY! My god! Not only is Lost back, not only is Jericho (a show I thought would never be back) coming back next week, not only is Medium still going on but NASCAR starts this month too!
Tonight I plan on finally seeing Rambo I can't wait.
Finally I'm going to eat because we don't have any milk or anything here. Bye!

This is an edit on Feb. 6
Well here is how the weekend went...
Go to the mall (check)
Buy pants (anything but jeans) (check 3 for 6 bucks each hella yes!)
Buy Chili and hot dog buns (check)
Eat at A&W (Poutine and Grandpa Burger with Rootbeer) (check)
Come back (check)
Play Halo 3 or generally waste time (check)
Sleep in till 5pm (check but 4pm)
Watch Superbowl, eat previously stated chili possibly with previously stated hot dog buns & hot dogs (check and watch it with my gf on the phone)
Finish my hmwk (check)

Great Success!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

For the past week or so I've been recording the temperture on my new Weather Station. So here is the my graph of the last week or so in January. Blue Dots/Red Line= Humidity(%)
Green Triangles= My Room Temperture
Red Dots/Blue Line= Outdoor Temperture

As you can see the it was nice and warm through the at the start then it just bottomed out. I like how it lies at the end when it looks like it's getting warmer, because it means: "Snow Storm"

Well I didn't get to see Rambo on Thursday...I WAS TO BUSY WATCHING LOST! It was great to see it back, and as always it gives you more questions than answers. Can't wait for next week.
I also didn't get to see it tonight. Why? Because there was a snow storm here and I really didn't feel like moving. At all! I honestly played Halo 3 for HOURS and only managed to go up one level! ONE! AH! I'm keeping track of my progress so I'll post it here once I reach my goal.

Finally my plan for this weekend is as follows:
  • Go to the mall
  • Buy pants (anything but jeans)
  • Buy Chili and hot dog buns
  • Eat at A&W (Poutine and Grandpa Burger with Rootbeer)
  • Come back
  • Play Halo 3 or generally waste time
  • Sleep in till 5pm
  • Watch Superbowl, eat previously stated chili possibly with previously stated hot dog buns & hot dogs
  • Finish my hmwk