Monday, November 17, 2008

November Ramblings

I'm surprised we're already at 10 (11 now I guess) posts for November. It snowed for pretty much the first time yesterday. And today it was cold as f**k. So I'll let Lew speak for me on this subject.

This weekend was great. My cousin was down for a hockey tournament which was fun to watch. I got a slushie and a fries with gravy at the arena which was good. We went to Turtle Jacks afterward and later on I introduced sister #2 to Fallout 3. I then played some NHL 2k8.
Sunday we went to see sister #1 and ate at East Side Mario's. We finished by picking up some groceries and then went home, watched some tv and I play some more 2k8.

Right now I'm watching Help! (WTF?) and now I'm gonna play some more 360

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