Sunday, September 28, 2008

Double New Movie Reviews

Burn After Reading
Burn After Reading can be described in many ways: crazy, shocking, hilarious, violent, and great. First I'll start off by saying that I understand why some people will dislike this movie. To me it makes sense. Everything does in the movie. But some people won't think so, they'll be confused by the characters and the plot. I was shocked by this movie, in a variety of ways. For example the way the characters act towards each other. Everyone lies. I think that was in some ways the point of the movie.
Let's get down to a little summary: Osborne Cox, a employee of the CIA gets fired. His "bitchy" wife Katie Cox wants out of the marriage and steals some of his financial records. These end up in the hands of Brad Pitt's character Chad Feldheimer, a gym trainer. His boss, Linda Litzke, played by Frances McDormand (Fargo) is looking to get some surgery and eventually they try to extort the money from Osborne, thinking that the financial information is actually classified CIA data.
Brad Pitt is hilarious, as is Frances. Clooney plays a role but I won't delve into it, he's probably the second best in the movie.
Actually I just lied, J.K. Simmons (Daily Bugle's Jameson from Spiderman) stole the show for me, his dead on delivery of his lines are great, I wish he was in the movie more.
Acting: 10/10
Story: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10
Rated 14-A (ONT) R (USA) This movie has great dark humor, but mark my words: It will shock you. It did for me 3 times.

Ghost Town

For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Ricky Gervais fan, I loved the British version of The Office, Extras, and even Ricky's part in Night at the Museum.
So I went with my family to watch his first starring role in Ghost Town. I was not disappointed. The movie got a ton of laughs, and I could tell some parts were 'improv'ed by Ricky and it was great.
Basically Ricky plays Pincus, a dentist who, while in surgery, died momentarily and can now see dead people. Problem is, Pincus is pretty anti-social and doesn't want to help them. Gerg Kinnear plays a ghost who wants Pincus to help him rid his still alive girlfriend of an annoying new boyfriend. The girlfriend, played by Tea Leoni (Jurassic Park 3, Family Man, Deep Impact) has caught the eye of Pincus and he agrees.
Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show) plays a small part as a co-worker to Pincus and does well. There are a bunch of smaller roles that give big laughs too. And that's normal for Gervais, who didn't get all the laughs in The Office.
Overall the movie also had some seriousness to it which was nice.
Acting: 9/10
Story: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Rated 14-A (ONT) PG-13 (USA) A heart-warming love comedy, something that we don't see enough.
P.S. I'm disappointed that this movie isn't getting the attention it deserves, only the Upper James Cinema had it, Ancaster didn't and Welland's Seaway Mall Cinema didn't have it either. But hey you can still see Disaster Movie. (And the only way I would watch that is if I were in some sort of Clockwork Orange type deal).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

College Football Week 4

Here's what CBS Sports projected:
Stingers vs. Bloutville Vols: I'd win by 49 points
Niagara Maulers vs. Sunnytime Day Care Academy: I'd win by 11 points

And the winner is:Stinger 106-63 Bloutville Vols!!
Niagara Mauler 121.75-112 Sunnytime Day Care Academy!!
It went great considering my much of my team was on their bye week.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wow, shittiest day of my life.

You must be saying, "wow there haven't been worse days in your life?" Well besides being sick as a dog, missing the bus, going through two classes, walking home and having my girlfriend completely discard me as if I'm a piece of gum. Yeah it was the shittiest day of my life. Not worst, shittiest.

But hey I won both my fantasy football games today.

P.S. Rick Wright of Pink Floyd died today too, so there goes my dream of seeing Pink Floyd live as well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 in NFL Football

Projected Score: Caledonia Maulers 99-105 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 100-91 Mudcats

Current Score: Caledonia Maulers 59-36 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 86-62 Mudcats

Cale. 1 game left(feat Tony Romo my QB) and 4 in progress
Ham. 1 game left- 7 in progress

Update at 8PM
Cale. 1 game left - Basically it's all in the Dallas Stars performance, if Romo does well than I'll win, if Terrel Owens does well and garners 23 pts without Romo's help than the Spartans could win.
Ham. 1 game left -(However I'm ahead by 24 pts and the other team is done) So victory is pretty much mine.

Update Monday
Well the StarsvsEagles game just finished and the scores are:
Caledonia Maulers 85-56 Spartans
Hamilton Maulers 88-63 Mudcats

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 3 in College Football

Well right now I'm waiting for the scores to update but here's the games I watched on television:
University of South California vs. Ohio State- Ohio got wooped by my beautiful defence 35-3.
Perdue vs. Oregon- Perdue lost in double overtime but Wide Receiver Greg Orton made good plays.
Penn State vs. Syracuse- My Penn State defence wooped ass 55-13.

So far the only updates are from Friday, where my Maulers quarterback lost the game but still got us 37 points.

Here's what CBS Sports projected:
Stingers vs. Warriors: I'd lose by 7 points
Niagara Maulers vs. Jeremy24: I'd lose by 10 points
Well hopefully my defence teams alone should dispel those ideas.

Can't wait for the update!

And the winner is:
Stinger 140-127 Warriors!! WOOOOOOOO!
Niagara Mauler 107-131 Jeremy24, my RBs and some of my WRs let me down, I mean 0.75 Jarvis? 17 Running yards? That's just bad.
Well I'll have to overhaul my Maulers team again.

NFL/NASCAR tonight!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008-09 Hockey Draft

I forgot about the live update thing so whatever. I'm very happy with my team, here were my picks.
Round Name- Team- Position
  1. Sidney Crosby- Pitsburgh Penguins- Center
  2. Marc-Andre Fleury- Pitsburgh Penguins- Goalie (Frankly at this point I'm happy)
  3. Alexei Kovalev- Montreal Canadiens- Right Wing
  4. Thomas Vanek- Buffalo Sabres- Left Wing
  5. Dustin Byfuglien- Chicago Blackhawks- Defence
  6. Sergei Zubov- Dallas Stars- Defence (Had to pick two Defence up at once, they were being gobbled up by my girlfriend)
  7. Vesa Toskala- Toronto Maple Leafs- Goalie (He has the best name EVER!)
  8. Tomas Kaberle- Toronto Maple Leafs- Defence
  9. Nicklas Backstrom- Washington Capitals- Center
  10. Ales Hemsky- Edmonton Oilers- Right Wing
  11. Anze Kopitar- Los Angeles Kings- Back-Up Center
  12. Filip Kuba- Ottawa Senators- Defence
  13. Vaclav Prospal- Tampa Bay Lightning- Left Wing
  14. Kevin Bieksa- Vancouver Canucks- Back-Up Defence
  15. Alex Auld- Ottawa Senators- Back-Up Goalie
  16. J.P. Dumont- Nashville Predators- Back-Up Right Wing

So Week One starts on October the 9th, I can't wait, I'm sure my line-up will change before then.

Team with most players: Toronto, Pitsburgh, Ottawa with two

Week 1 in my Fantasy leagues Pt2 Pt1

College Football

My Niagara Maulers had a nice victory following our first lost to Gold's Bully's in our first game (114.75-100.5), today we won by a nice margin (102.5-75.5) against WVU Football. However that's still one of the worst scores in the league so maybe I'm just lucky. I'm gonna have to make some drastic changes if I want to stay competitive. 3 of my active players got 0 points, which isn't good.

My Stingers football team continues it's domination, our first game against Penn State Raiders we won 123.75-99.75. This time against P.O.D. we won 153.5-106 note to self don't change anything.

NHL Draft at 7oclock tonight maybe I'll do a live update of it

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 1 in my Fantasy leagues

It's been a pretty disappointing night for my football leagues. My Yahoo league was a disaster with my QB now needing surgery (you may have heard about this). But my CBSSPORTS leagues have been really sad. OH MY GOD! Curry just got a touch down with less then 2 minutes to go! I'm one point away from a tie!
1:31 left
NO! (35 secs left)

Okay, so its extremely disappointing for my Hamilton Maulers team which lost 76-75, thanks to Oakland not telling anyone the J. Walker wouldn't be playing. Second the Vikings defence played like ass. Everyone else play ok, by the Raiders still sucked balls losing 41-14.

Unfortunately the Vikings defence also killed my Caledonia Maulers team, which lost 94-83, the Vikings only got 2 points for me, while the Titans defence, which I had on reserve, would have gotten 25 points! The rest of the team played well. So I hate the Vikings right now.

Well that was disappointing. Hopefully after I change up my QB for Yahoo, and the defence for my Maulers teams I should do better. (Jenni's team actually did worse then me, 80-53)

Tomorrow night I draft my NHL team so I'll tell u about that then, along with the past two weeks in my college teams.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Book Review: Me Of Little Faith

I'm going to do a quick little book review for Lewis Black's Me Of Little Faith. Overall I thought it had a whole bunch of laughs. The book had alot more new material from Lewis than Nothing Sacred. Lewis goes through not only his views on Christianity, Televangelists, Judaism and some Islam. But he also goes through the religous experiences that have made him who he is which is alot like Nothing Sacred. It was very entertaining and a great read.

P.S. I was going to include a snippet of my favourite part but the book is at home. (I'm in Welland now, more on that later)