Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Sun. Edition

There isn't going to be a Monday edition this week.

Niagara Stingers vs The Fish: Projected- Stingers by 50
Actual: Stingers 105 to 66
Analysis: Johnson-WR got a great 26 points, both my QBs seem to be back in form. Slaton and Crayton both did poorly.
Trades: Slaton-RB and Crayton-WR will likely be reserved, but I'm 2nd in waivers, so we'll see.

Hamilton Maulers vs Sweet Leafs: Projected- Tie
Actual: Maulers 52 to 94 Sweet Leafs
Analysis: Complete team collapse. Brady-QB got a miserable 6 points and back up QB (Romo) got only 10 as well. Only stars were McFadden-RB and Smith-WR, but even they barely got over 10 points. Miller-TE didn't get a single touch, Norwood-RB got injured. My Eagles D had a 48 point loss.
Trades: Lynch cannot come back soon enough! We'll see.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports

Niagara Stingers vs GA Dullbogs : Projected- Dullbogs by 15
Actual: Stingers 125 to 97 D
Analysis: Johnson-QB did amazing with 43 points, Bryant-WR got a strong 27 points. Everyone else did well too.
Trades: The only one who got no points was Spencer-WR who's team won with 45 points, but he didn't put out a single yard. I'm wondering why. Unfortunately my reserve WRs got low points too, so we'll see.

Maulers vs Beast From The East : Projected- Maulers by 23
Actual: Maulers 98 to 67 BFTE
Analysis: Excellent, Beast left one of their RB and WR empty and then their QB and another WR got 0 points. Reesing-QB did excellent this week getting 36 points, Royster-WR got a strong 19 points with others getting a decent amount of points usually.
Trades: Banks-WR has only gotten 10 points, in all three games, combined. Same with Adams-WR. I might switch one of them with Nunez and pick up a different WR, I'm 2nd in waivers so that should be good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Mon. Edition

Here we go:

Hamilton Maulers vs Blueblood : Projected- Blueblood by 35
SUNDAY: Maulers 78 to 104 J&J
To Play: Maulers-
Tom Brady- QB Points Made: 25
Darren McFadden- RB
Patriots Defence Points Made: 12
Analysis: After a weak 1st half Brady came back in the final minutes and got me within shooting distance, and the weak Patriots defense helped a lot. It's all on McFadden to get me 11 points.
CURRENT: M 103-114 BB
To Play: Maulers-
Darren McFadden- RB Points Made: 4
It's only a couple into the game and McFadden is already putting points on the board (104). McFaddens movin up (107). Grabs another yard before going to the 2nd quarter (108). Fadden fumbles it, back to 106. Brings it back up to 107. McFadden makes a play later in the 4th 108. Another good play 109.
Final Score: M 109-114 BB
Final Analysis: If I put Romo in instead of Brady (which I should have because Brady just got back) I would have won. Sadface :(

Caledonia Stingers vs J&J : Projected- Tie
Current: Stingers 73 to 90 J&J
To Play: J&J-
Terrel Owen- WR Points Made: 4
Analysis: Terrel Owens poor performance kept it close. I'm optimistic.
To Play: Stingers-
Antonio Gates- TE Points Made: 7
Analysis: Gates (and San Diego for the most part) gets little play in the 1st quarter. Gates gets on the board with a point 74. Picks up a deuce, 76. Makes a play in the 4th, 77. Makes another play, 80. Late play with 45 secs left, 81. TOUCHDOWN PLEASE??? Nope
Final Score: S 81-90 JJ
Final Analysis: Both my benched WR and RB got almost 20 points a piece. Sadly, more than anyone on my active team got. Sadface :(

P.S. On a positive note, for a first week, still getting used to my lines, players still getting used to getting back on the field, my teams actually did well. Hopefully they'll be strong next week.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Sun. Edition

Caledonia Stingers vs J&J : Projected- Tie
Current: Stingers 73 to 90 J&J
To Play: Stingers-
Antonio Gates- TE
Terrel Owen- WR
Analysis: It's a long shot, but if TO plays really badly there maybe a chance. J&J's TE got 21 points, why can't mine?

Hamilton Maulers vs Blueblood : Projected- Blueblood by 35
Current: Maulers 78 to 104 J&J
To Play: Maulers-
Tom Brady- QB
Darren McFadden- RB
Patriots Defence
Analysis: This is in reach, Brady better have a damn good game, because I benched Romo and he got 32 points. I have to hope that the Patriots D performs poorly, and McFadden does well hopefully

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports

Niagara Stingers vs Decatur Bandits : Projected- Stingers by 2
Actual: Stingers 57 to 51 Bandits
Analysis: Gods be praised! The Bandit's owner left on 3 of his players who were on bye this week (TE, WR, WR) and his QB and 1 of his WRs got stomped in a 35-3 loss. Even then I still scrapped by. Gresham, my Tight End, is having surgery and will be out for the year! THANKS FOR TELLING ME CBS! Warren (WR) failed to get any points but got 7 yards. My trade yesterday for McCalebb (RB) saved the day, with 17 points. Relf (my traded QB) got only 4 points in a 49-24 loss. My Texas D got 12 points and the RBs and WRs split the rest. It was close because Bandits Boston College D stomped Kent State 34-7 and his RB Dixon got 17 pts.
Trades: Obviously Gresham is gone. Hopefully my team will be strong since my QB and RBs aren't on bye anymore. My reserve WR, Spencer, got 7.5 points and might replace Warren.

Maulers vs Shrek : Projected- Shrek by 2
Actual: Maulers 112 to 155 Wildcats
Analysis: This was a hard game to win by any standard as Shrek QB, Tebow, got 46 points and 1 of his RB and 2 of his WRs got a combined total of over 60 points. His kicker got 10 points even! Reesing (QB) didn't do as well as he should have, getting only 14 pts in a 34-7 win. Bolden (RB) has been the work horse of the team, getting 35 points, getting us in the ball park at least. Royster (RB) also did really well with 22 points, so I have a strong RB section which is good. Adams (WR) failed me with 0 points and Banks (WR) only got 3 points. Pettis (WR) was exceptionally strong with 17 points in a 34-0 win. Slate (TE) got a point in a 52-10 loss, Flint (K) got 8 points and my USC D got 12 points.
Trades: I'll consider trading my WRs but I'm last on waivers so I doubt I'll be getting anything decent.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Return Of This Week In Fantasy Sports

Finally football season is here! I'm doing the same thing as last year, 2 college and 2 NFL teams, here's the low down.

College Football
Out for Blood League
Team: Maulers
QB- Todd Reesing- Kansas
QB- Juice Williams- Illinois
RB- Chris Brown- Oklahoma
RB- Evan Royster- Penn State
RB- Jewel Hampton- Iowa
WR- Kris Adams- Texas-El Paso
WR- Brandon Banks- Kansas State
WR- Juan Nunez- Western Michigan
WR-Austin Pettis- Boise State
TE- Cody Slate- Marshall
K- Morgan Flint- Oregon
K- Ross Evans- Texas Christian
DST- Southern California
DST- West Virginia

Fantasy College Blitz League
Team: Niagara Stingers
QB- Jerrod Johnson- Texas A&M
QB- Jevan Snead- Mississippi
RB- Darrell Scott- Colorado
RB- Jay Finley- Baylor
RB- Michael Smith- Arizona
WR- Jason Barnes- South Carolina
WR- Dez Bryant- Oklahoma State
WR- Brandon Warren- Tennessee
WR- Owen Spencer- North Carolina State
TE- Jermaine Gresham- Oklahoma
K- Dan Bailey- Oklahoma State
K- Hunter Lawrence- Texas
DST- Texas
DST- South Carolina

**Guess what? Both my Qbs have bye this week and 2 of my RBs have it too! I'm gonna have to drop my SC defence and Lawrence-K

College Football Week 1
Maulers vs Hurricanes_09 : Projected- Hurricanes by 18
Actual: Maulers 104 to 89.25 Wildcats
Analysis: I really dropped the ball here, Hampton-WR was out for the season, Oregon did terrible so Flint-K didn't get anything. Reesing-QB, Slate-TE and my South California defense did really well. Royster and Pettis did good too.
Trades: Definitely getting rid of Hampton ASAP, got 5 WRs on waivers, so I'll see who I get tomorrow.

NFL Football
NFL Canada Champions League
Team: Caledonia Stingers *Note I did not get to participate in the draft because of scheduling*
QB- Kurt Warner- Arizona Cardinals
QB- Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers
RB- Ryan Grant- Green Bay Packers
RB- Steve Slaton- Houston Texans
RB- Willis McGahee- Baltimore Ravens
RB- Johnathan Stewart- Carolina Panthers
RB- Fred Taylor- New England Patriots
WR- Lee Evans- Buffalo Bills
WR- Andre Johnson- Houston Texans
WR- Antonio Gates- San Diego Chargers
WR-Patrick Crayton- Dallas Stars
TE- Antonio Gates- San Diego Chargers
K- Garrett Hartley- New Orleans Saints
DST- Minnesota Vikings

Kings of Fantasy League
Team: Hamilton Maulers
QB- Tom Brady- New England Patriots
QB- Tony Romo- Dallas Stars
RB- Marshawn Lynch- Buffalo Bills
RB-Darren McFadden- Oakland Raiders
RB- Kevin Faulk- New England Patriots
RB- Jerious Norwood- Atlanta Falcons
WR- Steve Smith- Carolina Panthers
WR- Jerricho Cotchery- New York Jets
WR- Ike Hilliard- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WR- Steve Smith- Carolina Panthers
TE- Nate Washington - Tennessee Titans
K- Robbie Gould- Chicago Bears
DST- Philadelphia Eagles
DST- Indianapolis Colts