Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lists: Things That Piss Me Off: #2

PETA. Sorry but it has to be done. Recently it has come to light that PETA is trying their animals being killed is the same as humans being killed bullshit. And it's in Canada again. Good. 'Cause we Canadians don't stand for their shit. You tell us to stop killing seals, we kill a thousand more. I have seal blubber on my pancakes every morning goddammit.

This time it was the Robert Pickton case. You know, the guy in B.C. who killed what, 15 people? At least? They likened it to animals. Just like when that guy got his head cut off on the bus a few months ago. I am under the firm belief that PETA is run by chimpanzees. That is the only way to explain it. The Bush administration has had better press for the past 8 years than PETA! PETA is fucking stupid too. Tell me what would happen right now if we let all the cows, and chickens and pigs go free? What would they dance in the streets? NO! They'd be killed by wolves and dogs and Pumas and shit.
Chickens - CAN'T FUCKING FLY. THE CAN'T FUCKING FLY! THERE'S A REASON THEY ARE IN FARMS! IT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN'T FUCKING FLY! Have you ever seen a wild chicken? I HAVEN'T! It's because they've all been fucking killed by wolves, because they can't fucking fly!
Cows- Seriously they don't even have horns. At this point they are only kept alive by US! It's not like there's going to be a magic food fairy that gives the cows hay in the winter. WE MAKE THE HAY!
Pigs- Okay I can't really justify pigs. To me they're sort of like cats and dogs. On the other hand they taste really good. If we decided as a society to stop eating pigs and teach raise them to be smarter and communicate with us, I'd be cool with that.

There is a basic principal the human race has towards other animals. Either
A. Help us by either being useful or cuddly (see cats, dogs, bees, penguins, dolphins)
B. Let us eat you (pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys)
C. Or we will kill you (Mammoths, dodo)

And what do they think is going to happen if we suddenly stop eating meat? Let's ask the Irish how a vegetable based diet for the world would work. Hmm... disease killed all your potatoes leaving you to starve. I see. There's also draughts, pests, etc.
So I completely disagree with PETA on every single thing. Especially KFC.
Penn & Teller's show Bullshit on PETA

At the end of the video this is said "You want passion and truth, okay, Teller and I would personally kill every chimp in the world, with our bare hands, to save one street junkie with AIDS." After crazy speech by PETA leader, "BULLSHIT!"

P.S. This has gotten me worked up obviously, man, I need a hamburger ;)
Strange Note: I looked in this folder I keep on my computer of stuff that I eventually need to post on my blog. In it was my Things that piss me off list that I have for organizational purposes. PETA was already at #2. They just naturally seem to piss me off. Also I ate 5 hamburgers.

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