Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well I just read on Xbox Fanboy that I should be getting... Yes here it is. I'm installing the NXE now... So since I signed up for the advanced 360 thing I'm getting it right now. Here we go!

System restarted and is updating. 2 minutes left.
It's done, welcome to the New Xbox Experience!
Me trying to get my camera to work!
Wat a useless pile of shit
Got it to work.
Watched the starting video! Awesome!
Creating an avatar
Cool you can create multiple outfits!
Okay I'm done my Avatar and I'm saving.
Wow the new Guide Button is fucking sweet!
Did is say fucking sweet? I meant MOTHERFUCKING SWEET!
You can open the tray from the guide. Need I say more?
Well then I will, you can close it too!
It's pretty easy to remove bars you don't need

When I went in the My Xbox area my Avatar said "Hard work bein' this good!" my motto. Awesome!
Playing some music.

Watching the community games video.

The gamerpictures don't have prices on them. That is gonna bug the hell out of me. It's cool that it has a little game profile for each game though.
I'm getting trial games of a bunch of community games right now
Marketplace is kind of slow, but probably better than the old one. The community games are pretty expensive though, 200pts each usually. The trials are small in size though usually only a couple MBs

I'm prolly gonna see if I can install 2k8 on my HD

I have 22 full Arcade games! Holy Crap! 7 were free though.
I'm installing NHL 2k8 right now. Lets see how long it takes
1:48 am
1:58 am so about 10 minutes
Wow it is indeed very quiet!
Load took about 20 seconds less
Scrimmage loaded fast!
A game loaded...holy shit fast!
If you have NHL 2k8 definantly install it.

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