Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fantasy Sports This Week

College Football Week 10

Niagara Maulers vs Gold's Bully's- Projected: Gold's Bully's by 22
Actual: Niagara Maulers 115 to 135 Gold's Bully's
Analysis: Sheets, Daniel and South California D almost got 100pts on their own, everyone else did mediocre to badly.
Trades: Dropped Nicks, Wolfe, Morrah, Johnson for Scheidler, Williams, Banks, and Benn (TEs and WRs)

Stingers vs Penn State Raiders- Projected: Stingers by 29
Actual: Stingers 185 to 67 Penn State Raiders
Analysis: Everyone did amazingly. I steamrolled through my 10 game winning streak!
Trades: Got rid of my extra QB (Mark Sanchez) for a new TE (Branden Ledbetter)

NFL Football Week 9

Hamilton Maulers vs GoosFrabba- Projected: GoosFrabba by 11
Actual: Hamilton Maulers 72 to 67 Jumpin
Analysis: Well we pulled it off, but barely. Overall the Giants D won this for us.
Trades: I got rid of the Vikings Defence finally for the Dolphins. Had to trade Pittman 'cause he's gone for the rest of the season.

Maulers vs Cables Crew- Projected: Cables Crew by 35 (Again I don't know why the site is screwing this up)
Actual: Maulers 69 to 84 Cables Crew
Analysis: Byrant, Johnson and the Titans D all did well but everyone else did mediocre
Trades: Kyle Orton for David Garrard (QBs) and Dunn for Stewart (RB)

NHL Period 4
Stingers- The NHL is much harder than Football and I'm not enjoying it. We're currently back to 8th

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