Friday, May 23, 2008


One of my favourite things to do in Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer is to go up to a roof with a sniper rifle and well... snipe. However today was different. I had already gone up once and was restocking ammo and going back up. Well as I was going up I heard "There's an orange guy over here follow me!" I look at my radar and notice that they indeed are coming towards me. A second later..."He's going up! There's got to be a door in there! There it is!"

Now first you have to understand this is a 30 story hospital. It takes almost two minutes to get to the top. It's a huge hassle. So at first I think, "Crap! I'm outnumbered!" and for a second I panic. A second later I realize, "Hey I have a rocket launcher and the element of surprise!" Of course I watch them both begin their scramble to the top. It's quite humourous, much like mice through a maze. On their way up one says "I hope he doesn't have a mic. He'd know we were coming." Oh sweet irony. I get in position at the entrance and prepare, checking periodically to see their progress. The 1st is only a few flights from the top. I get to position and kneel down. He comes up gun drawn but he doesn't stand a chance as I unleash hell. For me it almost felt to risky. "He had a rocket launcher!" he exclaims, well this time I go up against the wall where I can see them coming up and put my RPG of the railing. The second is only about two floors from the top and I fire one straight into his cage like coffin.

At this point they're all pissed off. "Oh my god. I just wanted to see the top!" At this point I also laugh maniacally! The first one respawns and begins to ascend again. The second says "I'm getting a helicopter!" Well the first one met the same fate as the second as only a few floors from the top I fire into the cage containing the stairs. He dies.

I spend the rest of the level trying to shoot people. The second guy goes after a helicopter but goes to the airport which is way to far to get back in time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stinger503's Top 30 (May/21/08)

Wow I certainly didn't think a month had past since I'd last done this. I just added a whole bunch of songs to the playlist but not many to my top 30. Here we go:

Starter: Start Me Up- Rolling Stones (New)
  1. Life In The Fast Lane- The Eagles (0)
  2. The Logical Song- Supertramp (+1)
  3. People Are Strange- The Doors (+1)
  4. Walk of Life- Dire Straits (+1)
  5. Limelight- Rush (+2) (Surprised it's still here!)
  6. Little Green Bag- George Baker Selection (+2)
  7. This Beat Goes On/Switching To Glide- The Kings (+2)
  8. Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon (+2)
  9. Just What I Needed- The Cars (+2)
  10. Evil Woman- Electric Light Orchestra (NEW) (Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack)
  11. One Vision- Queen (NEW) (Not only did I hear this in the We Will Rock You play but also it's in the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack!)
  12. Rocklandwonderland- Kim Mitchell (NEW) (Heard these two on the radio, seriously they're aren't any bad Kim songs)
  13. Rock 'N' Roll Duty- Kim Mitchell (NEW)
  14. Sultans Of Swing- Dire Straits (-2)
  15. Don't Stand So Close To Me- Police (-4)
  16. Take The Money And Run- Steve Miller Band (-2)
  17. Goodbye Stranger- Supertramp (-2)
  18. Fame- David Bowie (NEW)
  19. Final Countdown- Europe (-2)
  20. Diamonds Diamonds- Max Webster (-2)
  21. Moondance- Van Morrison (-2)
  22. Walking On The Moon- The Police (-1)
  23. Mary Ellen Carter- Stan Rogers (-1)
  24. I Am A Wild Party- Kim Mitchell (-1)
  25. Jane- Barenaked Ladies (-1)
  26. Minnie The Moocher- Blues Brothers (-1)
  27. Pour Some Sugar On Me- Def Leppard (-25)
  28. Hells Bells- AC/DC (NEW)
  29. Space Oddity- David Bowie (NEW)
  30. Crocodile Rock- Elton John (-4)


  • Magical Mystery Tour (Starter -31)
  • London Calling (2-32)
  • Paradise City (16-43)
  • Night Moves (20-163)
  • Glory Days (27-33)
  • King of The Road (28-35)
  • Sudbury Saturday Night (29-36)
  • Running On Empty (30-38)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stinger503's Report of Toolbaggery

Hello, sorry I haven't posted in a while. This is a new "segment" I'll be doing whenever something makes me say 'what a toolbag!'
Well my first one is pretty easy.
Watch the video or read the article.
Wow! Imagine being arrested for that?!
You see I support police work what I don't support is police being assclowns. Police have a unique place in our society. They are the only people who's job can allow them to completely ruin your day. You go to Futureshop and a employee gives you attitude at least your not in F**KING JAIL! Christ what's next? Going to arrest someone for spitting on the sidewalk? How about littering. Can't wait until the dash cam for this comes out! What did he ask? Um...WHAT THE F**K IS YOUR GODDAMN PROBLEM? Because in my opinion he was in the f**cking right!
What a Toolbag!