Monday, October 26, 2009

This Week in Fantasy Sports

College Football
Maulers vs Greenville Tigers : Projected- Maulers by 55
Actual: Maulers 71 to 149 Tigers
Analysis: Well, what more can you say? The projection showed me by 55, then the other team won by OVER 55. Just complete team failures across the board. QB Reesing? Who's lowest score was 14? Only 9 points! My USC defense? Who I thought would bounce back from last weeks off game? 6 points! No one got over 12 points! And then look at the other team with three players with over 25 points! He could have just had those players play, left the rest off, and still would have won. Sad.
Trades: What can you do really? It was pathetic. I'll look through the wavers, but they just need to play better. I'll also let Johnson play over Reesing.

Niagara Stingers vs Salem Downpour : Projected- Stingers by 19
Actual: Stingers 118 to 161 Downpour
Analysis: Another rout. My team has been getting hit hard with players going cold. Wake Forest, a former powerhouse giving me tons of points, seems to be crashing like the Red Baron. Dez Bryant, my #1 drafted WR, was suspended. My team that was unbeatable two weeks ago, now has suffered an embarrassing loss.
Trades: Fortunately it's not all bad. This week has pointed out where the holes in the ship are and hopefully I can plug the holes. Unlike the Maulers, the Stingers are trying to maintain their lead, not playing catchup. This is good because I can start to look at the final weeks coming up.

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs DogvsDog: Projected- Stingers by 13
Actual: Stingers 129 to 115
Analysis: Roethlisberger, only got 13. As did my reserve Warner. Luckily both my RBs, Grant and Slaton, did amazing, with 20 and 18 points respectively. But BOY did patience play off when I picked up Austin last week while he was on bye. He gave me 29 points! Wouldn't have won without him. My Vikings Defense, Rice-WR, and Carney-K, all did well too. Gates also put up respectable points.
Trades: Johnson-WR got injured late in the game, but will hopefully be good to go next week. My team very strong. Even with Roethlisberger's weak game, we were still the best team in the league (of course there's still a game on tonight)

Hamilton Maulers vs First Down Syndrome: Projected- Syndrome by 2
Actual: Maulers 127 to 63 Syndrome
Analysis: Brady did well and Benson-RB got a great 24 points. Lynch-RB, Collie-WR, Smith-WR and Wallace-WR all did well. Carney again did well. Finally, the Eagles Defense put me in front of the entire league. Which is great.
Trades: Miller had another weak game, have to find another TE.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Late Edition

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Patriots Nation: Projected- Pats by 2
Actual: Stingers 100 to 88 Pats
Analysis: Roethlisberger-QB, Johnson-WR and my Vikings Defense did great. Special thanks to bye week replacement Miller-TE who got 11 points. Everyone else did badly.
Trades: Replaced my WRs and got some more players.

Hamilton Maulers vs The Punishers: Projected- Maulers by 18
Actual: Maulers 80 to 61 Punishers
Analysis: Not exactly a rout, but my QB, RBs, and Eagles Defense did well. Unfortunately my WR's, K, and TE feel weak. Hopefully players coming off BYE will help
Trades: Took on Collie-WR in reserve to see how he does, Holt is a replacement for Crotchery who's injured and brought on Crabtree who should beef up my WRs if he's good.

This Week In Fantasy Sports Double College Edition

College Football Week 6
Niagara Stingers vs Smelly Sox: Projected- Stingers by 3
Actual: Stingers 130 to 100 Sox
Analysis: Sox is basically out of the league at this point
Trades: Whole bunch

Maulers vs Flying Legends : Projected- Maulers by 13
Actual: Maulers 94.75 to 137 Legends
Analysis: Sad loss, a 45 point game by Legends WR Barnes and mediocre play by my team sealed the loss. Maybe if I played some others it would have turned out differently.
Trades: Supporting my weak WRs

College Football Week 7
Niagara Stingers vs GA Bulldogs : Projected- Bulldogs by 2
Actual: Stingers 89 to 89 Bulldogs
Analysis: Can you say by the hairs of on my chin. It was close, Bailey-K saved the team with an astounding 15 points (almost won it too). Johnson-QB disappointed me with 19. Wake Forest did awful which means 2 of my WRs did awful (didn't realize they were on the same team). And Peek, my replacement TE did bad too.
Trades: Possibly my WRs and hopefully players coming off bye will help.

Maulers vs I am Tebow's Son : Projected- Maulers by 19
Actual: Maulers 112 to 48 Tebows
Analysis: Exactly what my Maulers needed. 8 of Tebows 9 players got 10 points or less. My USC defense, Page-WR and Rudolph-TE had bad games. But everyone else did well.
Trades: Find a better TE and just scope out other players as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports SWEEP EDITION!

Allow me to say "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Because we got the SWEEP!

NFL Football
Caledonia Stingers vs Dirtydogs: Projected- Stingers by 20
Actual: Stingers 115 to 105 Dogs
Analysis: I was worried a little bit when Dogs RB Brown got 23 points and QB Manning got 25. But Roethlisberger-QB matched him with 25 points, but the star was antonio gates-TE with an astounding 24 points. Everyone else did well too, great in a match up where every point counts.
Trades: Ugh half my team is on bye week. Gonna have to get rid of Henderson-WR, he's not performing well anyway. Hartley-K and Carney-K (both New Orleans) are both on BYE this week, and they aren't saying who is going to play yet since Hartley just got out of suspension, so I have to keep both which sucks.

Hamilton Maulers vs Bangkok Stars: Projected- Stars by 45
Actual: Maulers 108 to 72 Stars
Analysis: I was a bit worried when Stars RB Brown got 23 points. Luckily their QB, Brees, only got 7 points. Meanwhile my QB, Brady almost matched Brown with 21 points. But the star of the team was my BYE week replacement for the Eagles, my Saints Defense with an astounding 34 points! I watched the Saints game live and I was shouting "GO GO GO GO!" When they got an interception for a touchdown. Definitely gonna keep them around.
Trades: Eagles are off by and Saints are on BYE so that's an easy switch. My kicker is on BYE so I'll have to get a replacement. Unfortunately injuries are plaguing the team, McFadden-RB is injured and not playing well anyway. Buckhalter-RB, an extremely reliable player is injured. Along with Norwood-RB, who is just coming back from an injury in week 2-3 and a BYE in week 4. Mario-WR was brought on two weeks ago to replace my weak WRs but hasn't preformed well at all. Luckily my team is mostly off BYE and my strong players are ready to play.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

College Fantasy Football Standings Update

Five Weeks (Only four games though, late start)
League: College Blitz
Team: Niagara Stingers
Conference: East Division
Division Standing: #1/5
League Standing: #1/10
Record: 4-0
Streak: 4 Weeks
Analysis: The Stingers are strong. We barely got by in Week 2 with a 58-50 win, Week 3 had a strong 126-95 win and week 4 had a just as strong 135-112 win. This week was an 82-58 win, closer than previous weeks. However my Defence, WRs and Kicker were all on BYE, this means next week they'll be fresh, and I won't have to worry about them on BYE for the rest of the season.

Five Weeks
League: Out for Blood
Team: Maulers
Conference: East Division
Division Standing: Tied for #4/5
League Standing: Four way Tie for #6/10
Record: 2-3
Streak: 1 Week
Analysis: We came out so strong in Week 1 but got destroyed in Week 2 but Shrek QB Tebow, who got 46 points. Week 3 had a heart breaking 100-98 loss to BFTE, followed by a devastating 139-89 loss to standings leader gospokes. Luckily there's light at the end of the tunnel. This weeks 148-53 win hopefully will right us out of the death spiral and back into contention. I still have to pick my players carefully, because several teams would have still beaten me. Time will tell.

This Week In Fantasy Sports NFL Sun. Edition

Caledonia Stingers vs Dirty Dogs: Projected- Stingers by 20
Current: Stingers 94 to 105 Durty Digs
To Play: Stingers-
Donald Driver- WR
Vikings Defence
Dirty Dogs-
Analysis: I'm actually quite happy. If Vikings do well then I win, if they do poor and Driver does well, then I'll probably win too. Not gonna raise the victory banner yet though.

Hamilton Maulers vs Bangkok Stars : Projected- Stars by 45
Current: Maulers 108 to 56 Stars
To Play: Maulers-
Vikings Defence
Analysis: I'm surprised we are dominating, my Saints defense got in the 30s! Pretty good for a backup team off waivers (I think I might keep'em around). Am I afraid of his Vikings defense? Not really, not trying to jinx my stingers but even if they had an amazing game like the Saints it wouldn't be enough.

Tune in tomorrow for the possible SWEEP!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Sports College Edition

College Football
Niagara Stingers vs KSU Wildcats: Projected- Stingers by 28
Actual: Stingers 72 to 50 Wildcats
Analysis: Not impressive when you consider the Wildcats were missing an RB and a QB. Johnson saved the team on QB. But I'm am happy because most of my team was on Defense.
Trades: I should be able to just switch the team back to normal next week.

Maulers vs PSU National Champs!: Projected- Maulers by 46
Actual: Maulers 126 to 49.5 PSU Champs
Analysis: Johnson-QB got 26, Ingram-RB got 25, Banks-WR got 15, Pettis-WR got 18, and my South California got 22pts.
Trades: Page-WR got 0 points, Evans-K got 3 points and hasn't been good as kicker.


This Week In Fantasy Sports Late Edition

Okay straight up, busy week for me. Not busy as in, I had a lot to get done (which I did) but that I just wanted to get through the week. So I'm just gonna post the scores of the games from last week so I can get to this week.

College Football:
Maulers 89.25-139.5 GoSpokes09
Summary-Gospokes had a 31pt QB, 24pt RB, 26pt WR and 28pt defense. No chance. My guys put up mediocre stats except for Todd Reesing QB (29pts) and USC defense which got a solid 18 pts.

Niagara Stingers 135-112 BigRedCrushers
Summary-Johnson QB had an amazing 53pt game! My Texas Defense had an amazing 36pt game! Throw in Buckner-WR 19pts and McCalebb-RB 14pts and that more than makes up for the lack luster performance of the others.

NFL Football:
Hamilton Maulers 75-59 Underdogs
Summary- All my players contributed decent numbers, meanwhile Underdogs had three people with 0 points and 2 with only 2 points. Their Ravens Defense kept them in the game with 24 points.

Caledonia Stingers 104-94 Polar Bears
Summary- Roethlisberger got a strong 21pts, McGahee-RB and Driver-WR got 16 each and my Vikings Defense got 15 points. Everyone else did decent as well.

So overall a really good week. But I was kind of disappointed that the Maulers lost on Sat. eliminating any chance for a sweep.