Friday, November 28, 2008


This is just UNFUCKINGBELIEVEABLE! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This story just exceeds my capacity to think! HOW ON EARTH DO YOU TRAMPLE A PERSON TO DEATH?! I can understand if there was a lion or something chasing them but for a cheaply priced product! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! AHHHHHHHHH! It's stories like this that just leave me speechless. This make Jingle All The Way look like a fucking documentary. How can people be so stupid?
Employee "Hey! God Help Me! I'm being trampled!"
Customer "Did you hear something?"
Customer 2 "Nope! Push that pregnant woman over! I need to get me some fucking Blu-Ray motherfuckers!"

On a side note doesn't this just make Dawn of the Dead's consumer = zombie thing true? It does in my opinion.

Grand Theft Escapdes

I was originally going to post these stories a long time ago. So I'm going to just post them now:

While in a game of cops & robbers I decide to get out of the car and split us up. Of course seconds later I hear the sirens closing in and there isn't a car in sight! I just barely am able to hide behind a guard booth. I luckily run around a bunch of flat beds as the police turn their attention to me. The flat beds serve as a roadblock and I jump over some walls onto a road with... CARS! I jack one and head towards my destination, of course I just passed the road to access it so I turn and work my way to the bridge I'm more familiar with. Uh-oh! My entire team just died.
And now I have two cops cars following me.

I go on the bridge and I have a fair lead on them going the wrong way down the road. And then in some sort of chain collision my car comes to a complete stop! This, you know, sort of, ALLOWS THEM TO BE ON MY ASS! They have Uzis out and my car is taking a beating. I quickly switch to the other lane which only helps momentarily. I speed through the toll booth and it dawns on me, "There is NO WAY IN HELL THIS CAR IS GETTING ME THERE!" My car, still taking Uzi fire, catches fire. No not the engine kind of fire that takes a minute to explode, no this was a gas tank fire and my car was going to explode at any second. I know I only have one hope of surviving. I speed towards a gap in the wall and fly thorough the air and jump out of the car in mid-air. Not only was this the most badass thing I've ever done. I firmly believe that for 5 minutes I had done the most badass thing in the world at that moment.

My car luckily crashed in the water and didn't explode. I landed in the water as well. The police could only watch from the bridge as I swam to another island. This island only has one access and I'd get there first. I quickly jacked a car and made my way around to the boat and left the police in my dust.

Part Deux

I was playing carjack (basically everyone goes for a car and then attempts to take that car to a drop off) and here's what happened.

I start off with another person and we both head to a car while the other two head towards a second car. I get there first and begin to drive off. As a start down a large road, he gets a lucky shot and I die. I respawn and head towards the guy who just killed me. Unfortunately I get there too late and he get the points. Angry, I kill him and jack an SUV and head towards a drop off point.
As I close in I realize the two with the other car are battling and trying to get to the drop off I'm going for. The guy I just killed is coming up behind me now as well. I analyze the situation. To get into the drop off area you need to go through a small gap between a wall and a building The pink guy has nailed the green guy who's in the car to the wall with a bus! As I pull up she unloads a Uzi on the green dude and he's gone. I quickly come up with a plan. I jump over the wall, pull the dead guy out and skank the points for myself! While this was happening the pink guy kills the other guy who was coming. I get out of the car and aim my AK at the wall. Sure enough pink pokes his head over and I pop him.

I then go around the wall and get into my SUV and go towards another dropoff. Unfortunately this one is farther away so I work my way down. I pass green on the way and he pops my left rear tire. Just great. I continue and unfortunately make a wrong turn and and up below the drop point. I look on my radar and see that pink is right above me! With a flat tire, I know there's no getting away now. I get out and pull out my AK and go up to a fence. I see her car fly over the railing and crash to the ground. She continues towards me. I unload into the windshield but don't kill her! She crashes through the fence and I get thrown over the car. She begins to back up over me. Then accelerates to run me over again. All this while shooting a pistol at me. I am at her mercy. In desperation I get up and jump to avoid her car. She nicks me but I don't fall down! I pull out my AK and fill her windshield again and there's no escaping this time. Exasperated I climb back into my SUV and work my way back around and score again. I begin to work my way back to another car but there's only 20 seconds left in the round. I win WOOT!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Review: Quantum Of Solace

The movie left me satisfied but not in the James Bond way. The James Bond method of satisfaction leaves you at the end going "Woo! That was kickass!" But this movie sort of left off with a "Bleh." vibe. The movie did seem short. I heard it was short before I saw it and at about what I thought was 3/4 of the way through the movie it dawned on me. This is it. It's going to end soon. Imagine if Casino Royale ended right after the torture part, and that's what it felt like. It wasn't bad but it would leave you feeling sort of empty... wanting more rather. Which isn't what a movie is supposed to do in my opinion. That's for T.V. shows, but not movies.

Some of the sequences seemed too confusing early on. I'll list the scenes here so don't read the brackets if you haven't seen the movie.(first car chase, first fight, first boat chase)

The acting was good but I didn't feel all the characters were able to flesh out entirely. Especially the villains. They just didn't seem that evil. Pricks, maybe, but not evil or crazy. Another short fall was the lack of conflict. Revenge only gets you so far, in Casino Royale you felt something was at stake, be it a terrorist attack, a poker game or a girl. But here there really isn't much.

On a side note a thing I miss about Bond is his elaborate plans. Like when Bond (Pierce Brosnan) put a grenade in a jar and blew the crap out of everything. You can't really compare this to previous types of Bond movies or the Bourne movies like so many people have. I don't see the new Bond-Bourne connection, the big difference is that Bourne is working to rid himself of the government while Bond is working with MI6. So it makes them different by 2 bus rides, a 30 minute train ride, 3 hour flight and 10 minutes by taxi. That is to say not at all the same.

So was it a bad movie? No. It was good. But it felt like a step back from Casino Royale.

Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10
Rated PG (ONT) PG-13 (USA)

P.S. And yes, for a Bond film that was pretty crazy (torture) previously this felt extremely tame as evidenced by the PG-13 rating.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Top 25 Christmas Rock* Songs

*Okay some of them aren’t rock but are still awesome.
25. The Coventry Carol- Alison Moyet
Okay bad start. The start is sort of mysterious. The lyrics are pretty well done as well. A little lengthy though at 3 and a half minutes.
24. I Only Want You for Christmas- Alan Jackson
It’s technically Christmas Country Rock. I love the lyric “Tie a ribbon around yourself”. The solos are pretty nice. Ho! Ho! Ho!
23. Jingle Bell Rock- Bobby Helms
A classic. What more can I say?
22. Last Christmas- Wham
This is sort of a sad song. But it’s still well sung.
21. So This Is Christmas- John Lennon
Oldie but a goodie. War is over.
20. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee
Like #23 this is a classic, good sax solo, and it’s short at only two minutes!
19. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- John Mellencamp
This is a great twist that ‘the Cougar’ puts on this classic. Like how the end turns into just kids singing.
18. Christmas Cannon- Tran-Siberian Orchestra
Just a wondrous song. Every part seems like Christmas magic. Expect more TSO coming up!
17. Back Door Santa- Bon Jovi
Strange but original song, good guitar work and it’s pretty humorous . It’s live too.
16. Elf’s Lament- Barenaked Ladies
The chorus is so great. “I…. make toys but I’ve got aspirations!” The lyrics are so funny and it’s upbeat which a great change from most Christmas music is.
15. Run Rudolph Run- Bryan Adams
This song is a classic. I’m not sure if Home Alone made this popular but it probably helped. Good guitar solo too.
14. Snoopy’s Christmas- Royal Guardsmen
Tricks ya at the start with it’s Taunenbaum song but quickly goes into awesomeness. “Merry Christmas… My Friend!”
13. We Three Kings- The Beach Boys
This is the only version of this song that I listen too (well there’s one other). The Beach Boys harmony is amazing.
12. Christmas for Cowboys- John Denver
I’m not going to pretend this is rock. It’s not even country, it’s John Denver. Really amazing song.
11. It Feels Like Christmas- The Lettermen
I don’t know why but this song always strikes a chord with me. Just the story is well done.
10. Blue Christmas- Elvis
Start the top 10 with a bang, Elvis is amazing.
9. Wizards of Winter- Tran-Siberian Orchestra
A real great piece of music. If you haven’t seen the music videos for it here you go:

8. Gabriel’s Message- Sting
A really strange song. Has no instruments except drums. Just a ton of great work with voices and it’s only 2 minutes.
7. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- U2
One of my favourite U2 songs period. Baby please come home!
6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings- Barenaked Ladies feat: Sarah McLachlan
This is the second one I mentioned with the Beach Boys. The beat is great and Sarah’s singing is too.
5. Merry Christmas Baby- Bruce Springsteen
A long one (5 minutes) but a great one. Entertains me the whole way through.
4. Here Comes Santa Claus- Elvis Presley
Now were in the serious stuff. Just the changes in rhythm are enough to make this song awesome, combine that with Elvis’ voice and the background singers.
3.Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You- Billy Squire
Cool intro with the guitars. I don’t listen to Billy Squire but this is a great song period. Lyrics are fun and simple.
2. Wonderful Christmas Time- Paul McCartney
Love the intro. The beat is awesome. Lyrics are great.
1. Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24)- Tran-Siberian Orchestra
God! A start slow and leads you in then bam! Guitars! Woot! Carol of the Bells on its own is a great song. Add in guitars like they do and wow. The guitars dragging combined with the fury of pianos then the big explosion! Bam bam bam bam bam! Then the ending with everything going absolutely crazy! I compare it to Halo's theme music MJOLNIR mix. It’s great. #1 always!

Honourable Mention: Aspenglow by John Denver, just got into this song and love it.

P.S. When are they going to put some of these in Rock Band or Guitar Hero, especially the last two

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lists: Things That Piss Me Off: #2

PETA. Sorry but it has to be done. Recently it has come to light that PETA is trying their animals being killed is the same as humans being killed bullshit. And it's in Canada again. Good. 'Cause we Canadians don't stand for their shit. You tell us to stop killing seals, we kill a thousand more. I have seal blubber on my pancakes every morning goddammit.

This time it was the Robert Pickton case. You know, the guy in B.C. who killed what, 15 people? At least? They likened it to animals. Just like when that guy got his head cut off on the bus a few months ago. I am under the firm belief that PETA is run by chimpanzees. That is the only way to explain it. The Bush administration has had better press for the past 8 years than PETA! PETA is fucking stupid too. Tell me what would happen right now if we let all the cows, and chickens and pigs go free? What would they dance in the streets? NO! They'd be killed by wolves and dogs and Pumas and shit.
Chickens - CAN'T FUCKING FLY. THE CAN'T FUCKING FLY! THERE'S A REASON THEY ARE IN FARMS! IT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN'T FUCKING FLY! Have you ever seen a wild chicken? I HAVEN'T! It's because they've all been fucking killed by wolves, because they can't fucking fly!
Cows- Seriously they don't even have horns. At this point they are only kept alive by US! It's not like there's going to be a magic food fairy that gives the cows hay in the winter. WE MAKE THE HAY!
Pigs- Okay I can't really justify pigs. To me they're sort of like cats and dogs. On the other hand they taste really good. If we decided as a society to stop eating pigs and teach raise them to be smarter and communicate with us, I'd be cool with that.

There is a basic principal the human race has towards other animals. Either
A. Help us by either being useful or cuddly (see cats, dogs, bees, penguins, dolphins)
B. Let us eat you (pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys)
C. Or we will kill you (Mammoths, dodo)

And what do they think is going to happen if we suddenly stop eating meat? Let's ask the Irish how a vegetable based diet for the world would work. Hmm... disease killed all your potatoes leaving you to starve. I see. There's also draughts, pests, etc.
So I completely disagree with PETA on every single thing. Especially KFC.
Penn & Teller's show Bullshit on PETA

At the end of the video this is said "You want passion and truth, okay, Teller and I would personally kill every chimp in the world, with our bare hands, to save one street junkie with AIDS." After crazy speech by PETA leader, "BULLSHIT!"

P.S. This has gotten me worked up obviously, man, I need a hamburger ;)
Strange Note: I looked in this folder I keep on my computer of stuff that I eventually need to post on my blog. In it was my Things that piss me off list that I have for organizational purposes. PETA was already at #2. They just naturally seem to piss me off. Also I ate 5 hamburgers.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disappointment and Looking Ahead... Fantasy this Week

Well if you couldn't tell before I am extremely disappointed about how the college football season ended. The Stingers did really well 137-136, but it was a tough pill to swallow. Especially since I didn't play Royster on the recommendation of, which is something I like to think I wouldn't have done had I know it was the Playoff game. If I had played Royster I would have won by 5 points.

Alas the Niagara Maulers didn't fair so well, being demolished by 60 points, but let's face it, when your quarterback gets 54 points in the playoff game your one lucky son of a bitch. But the Goldy's Bully's luck ran out when they lost to there will be bud for the championship.

Next the Hamilton Maulers this week had a huge upset win with Buffalo's Lynch and Lindell coming up with a combined 30ish points on Monday (I was down by 10 on Sunday). The Hamilton Maulers are second in the West Division, actually were tied for first.

Finally the Maulers did lose but in many ways that's a good thing. I'd rather get consistent players on the team and shitty players off now. I'm glad Romo's back, he better play this Sunday. My replacement QB didn't do well this week and my WRs sucked but I traded them off.
The Maulers are second in the West Division, actually were tied for first. (Deja vu?)

After the NFL seasons over I'll probably stop fantasy sports till golf and NASCAR come back. Simply because NHL and NBA are a pain in the ass to play.

P.S. By the way the bottle I was referring to in that previous post was an Ice Tea plastic bottle which I could not open with my hands. I had to use scissors that luckily have steel fucking grips to get the bastard open! Seriously if that's the way we're going lets just go back to glass bottles with metal caps and use bottle openers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I hate insects.

God I hate this. Don't watch this video. I don't know how I sleep at night knowing monstrosities like this exist in the world. Jesus the thing's probably bigger than my hand! Can you not see this thing jumping up, killing the camera man then going on a rampage through the streets of New York? I sure can, in fact I made a 2002 comedy on it. (I didn't). I warned you!

P.S. this is also why I'm afraid of people with curly mustaches ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weird Day

Well today I woke up just in time for school. But I had to decide whether to try for the bus or wait for the next bus and be a few minutes late. I went for the bus. It didn't show so I walked anyway. Turns out it wasn't a class day anyway! F**k! Okay then so I do my classes and decide rather than going on bus #2, I'd go on bus #7, it really doesn't matter because I'm going to switch buses at the terminal. Oh and it's a fucking blizzard outside! Well guess what, my body decided it was time to sleep. Waking up periodically throughout the trip. Eventually I woke up and now there were people in the bus! And the bus was stopped! Son of a bitch! I get off the bus just in time to see ALL THE OTHER BUSES LEAVE THE TERMINAL! ASS! So I go in the terminal and entertain myself with the wonders of Wi-Fi and then half an hour later I finally get on the bus, after which there's another 15 minute delay. About 15-20 minutes after that I'm home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well I just read on Xbox Fanboy that I should be getting... Yes here it is. I'm installing the NXE now... So since I signed up for the advanced 360 thing I'm getting it right now. Here we go!

System restarted and is updating. 2 minutes left.
It's done, welcome to the New Xbox Experience!
Me trying to get my camera to work!
Wat a useless pile of shit
Got it to work.
Watched the starting video! Awesome!
Creating an avatar
Cool you can create multiple outfits!
Okay I'm done my Avatar and I'm saving.
Wow the new Guide Button is fucking sweet!
Did is say fucking sweet? I meant MOTHERFUCKING SWEET!
You can open the tray from the guide. Need I say more?
Well then I will, you can close it too!
It's pretty easy to remove bars you don't need

When I went in the My Xbox area my Avatar said "Hard work bein' this good!" my motto. Awesome!
Playing some music.

Watching the community games video.

The gamerpictures don't have prices on them. That is gonna bug the hell out of me. It's cool that it has a little game profile for each game though.
I'm getting trial games of a bunch of community games right now
Marketplace is kind of slow, but probably better than the old one. The community games are pretty expensive though, 200pts each usually. The trials are small in size though usually only a couple MBs

I'm prolly gonna see if I can install 2k8 on my HD

I have 22 full Arcade games! Holy Crap! 7 were free though.
I'm installing NHL 2k8 right now. Lets see how long it takes
1:48 am
1:58 am so about 10 minutes
Wow it is indeed very quiet!
Load took about 20 seconds less
Scrimmage loaded fast!
A game loaded...holy shit fast!
If you have NHL 2k8 definantly install it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

November Ramblings

I'm surprised we're already at 10 (11 now I guess) posts for November. It snowed for pretty much the first time yesterday. And today it was cold as f**k. So I'll let Lew speak for me on this subject.

This weekend was great. My cousin was down for a hockey tournament which was fun to watch. I got a slushie and a fries with gravy at the arena which was good. We went to Turtle Jacks afterward and later on I introduced sister #2 to Fallout 3. I then played some NHL 2k8.
Sunday we went to see sister #1 and ate at East Side Mario's. We finished by picking up some groceries and then went home, watched some tv and I play some more 2k8.

Right now I'm watching Help! (WTF?) and now I'm gonna play some more 360

Pasta Reviews: Compliments, ESM and TJK

Compliments is Sobey's microwave line I'm guessing.
  • Penne Pollo- First it takes four minutes to cook, which is longer than usual. And I also have to say that the packaging itself seemed to get soggy almost. There was a hole in the bottom as well. Anyway the pasta was good, and so was the sauce.
  • Swedish Meatballs- I was surprised by this one. I haven't really ever tried Swedish meatballs and they were good. The sauce was nice, the didn't skimp on anything.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo- Come out looking like crap but looks okay as you eat it. Pretty plain though. Noodles are kind of tough.
  • Macaroni & Cheese- Good, didn't skimp on the cheese, it was very nice.
  • I should note I didn't try the Spaghetti because I'm tired of eating microwave spaghetti that tastes like crap. So that wraps up my Compliments reviews, overall I enjoyed it more than Wal-Marts, so if you're a college student looking for cheap microwave pasta, go with Sobey's over Wal-Mart
Turtle Jacks- Four Cheese Cajun Chicken Penne
At first I was considering choosing another item. I'm not a fan of foods that pride themselves in burning my mouth. But it had a turtle beside it so it must be good. So the pasta is pretty good. I was surprised it didn't seemed to have much spice at all. My parents pointed that out as well (they both got it too) The serving was perfect and it tasted great. The chicken was pretty sparse but good though.

Pasta Rating
Pasta Name: Four Cheese Cajun Chicken Penne
Taste: Pretty good. Nothing special though
Size: Perfect size.
Overall: 8.5/10

Dessert Rating
Dessert Name: Turtle Pie
Taste: Great! I love cheesecake. Could have used more caramel though.
Size: Great
Overall: 9/10

East Side Mario's- Bucatini Chicken Amatricana
Aside from being a handful to say, I've never even heard of Bucatini pasta before, basically it's a thick spaghetti. Overall the pasta was very good and was delicious.

Pasta Rating
Pasta Name: Bucatini Chicken Amatricana
Taste: Delicious
Size: Perfect
Overall: 9/10

Dessert Rating
Dessert Name: New York Style Cheesecake
Taste: I love New York cheesecake! YUM! It came with a little cup that had the strawberry sauce. It's was fu*king awesome.
Size: Beautiful
Overall: 10/10

Friday, November 14, 2008


It turns out last week was the playoff game for the fucking championship!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fantasy Sports

I lost all my games.

What you want more?

Fine my 10 game winning streak was killed by 1 FUCKING POINT! I WOULD HAVE WON HAD I NOT FOLLOWED CBS'S ADVICE! FUCK!

I fell asleep at 6pm yesterday and woke up at 10pm. Weird. I wasn't tired until 5-6AM and that was a pain in the ass, but I watched the Fringe via Slingbox so that was okay. Luckily my first class I didn't have to go to. So I got up at 10ish... oh yeah I have to play Monopoly! I'll give you a live presentation of it!

Come on Illinois! Fuck I already have Baltic ave.

Come on St. Charles Place! Fuck I already had Connecticut!

Come on Park Place! ASS!
Come on Arch...SON OF A BITCH!

Now playing: Richard Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day (controversy in me)

I remember that Remembrance Day was so easy as a kid. You wore a poppy and sang the national anthem and sat during the presentation. Me, Slayer and Kahlan even made a little movie for the high school T.V. broadcast (featuring Pink Floyd!). But now things are different, it's gotten so much harder for me to support. Many people connect today with today's war, which I don't support at all! Even then there's World War I, which I hate thinking about. On one hand, Canada's men died by the thousands. On the other hand, why? It wasn't for our freedoms, I refuse to believe that. I know that World War I was a pointless war, only good for the bankers funding it. It kills me to say that. And they knew it back then too. On Christmas some stopped fighting and played soccer and gave gifts. Sorry but you don't stop fighting for your freedoms to play soccer, even on Christmas!

World War II on the other hand is easier to get behind, mainly because the Germans were actually evil at that time (at least the Nazis were). But they weren't during WWI, they were just as naive as we were. Come on, people really believe that Canada was going to be enslaved by German if we lost WWI? I remember hearing one teacher of mine say that if it wasn't for us winning WWI we'd be learning German right now. Sorry but no. Germany wouldn't be able to invade England to begin with and they probably would have cut France a deal like we did Germany.

One thing that bothered me today is that when we had the minute of silence some people didn't stand up. Fuck some people were still on their fucking laptops! At least be fucking respectful you pricks!

My last point is that time passes to fucking quickly. For some reason between Oct 31st and Nov. 11th I never seem to be anywhere where there's a poppy to buy.


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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Football Weekend Preview!

1. Stingers vs Blountville Vols
Projected- Stingers by 5
This is going to be a huge game. Vols have a 6 game winning streak and 7 wins overall. I have 10 wins/winning streak. Someones going to lose big. The Vols are 3rd in our division (I'm 1st of course) and are 3rd overall in power rankings. This is a key game. We can both beat the other little shits but who can win against eachother?

2. Niagara Maulers vs Goldy's Bully's
Projected- Bully's by 19
Hoping for the upset here. His team is a powerhouse with every member of his team ranking over me except his defence. Luckily most are only by a couple points. So anything can happen.

3. Hamilton Maulers vs Circle da Wagons
Projected- Maulers by 37
Good, I rank over him with everything except TEs and Kickers and who cares about them. And a win would help in standings too, currently there's a close race, 4-way 6 wins-3 loss record.

4. Maulers vs Huevous Rancheros
Projected- Huevous by 16
Again another close game, why must one team suck and one team be awesome in each league? Hopefully I'll make the upset and gain a win, we've got a 4-5 record.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pasta Reviews

No-Name Pasta from Wal-Mart
(Yeah I realise it's no name brand but Zehrs was okay so here's how Wal-Mart is doing.)
  1. Macaroni & Cheese?- Fucking skimpy on the cheese
  2. Linguini Alfredo- Decent
  3. Penne with Chicken- Looks like something an owl would either puke up or shit out. Tastes decent though.
  4. Lasagna with some sort of meat on it- Pretty good.
  5. Tomato Rotini or something- Meh, I really think Rotini is just a terrible pasta. It was kind of spicy though

Fantasy Sports This Week

College Football Week 10

Niagara Maulers vs Gold's Bully's- Projected: Gold's Bully's by 22
Actual: Niagara Maulers 115 to 135 Gold's Bully's
Analysis: Sheets, Daniel and South California D almost got 100pts on their own, everyone else did mediocre to badly.
Trades: Dropped Nicks, Wolfe, Morrah, Johnson for Scheidler, Williams, Banks, and Benn (TEs and WRs)

Stingers vs Penn State Raiders- Projected: Stingers by 29
Actual: Stingers 185 to 67 Penn State Raiders
Analysis: Everyone did amazingly. I steamrolled through my 10 game winning streak!
Trades: Got rid of my extra QB (Mark Sanchez) for a new TE (Branden Ledbetter)

NFL Football Week 9

Hamilton Maulers vs GoosFrabba- Projected: GoosFrabba by 11
Actual: Hamilton Maulers 72 to 67 Jumpin
Analysis: Well we pulled it off, but barely. Overall the Giants D won this for us.
Trades: I got rid of the Vikings Defence finally for the Dolphins. Had to trade Pittman 'cause he's gone for the rest of the season.

Maulers vs Cables Crew- Projected: Cables Crew by 35 (Again I don't know why the site is screwing this up)
Actual: Maulers 69 to 84 Cables Crew
Analysis: Byrant, Johnson and the Titans D all did well but everyone else did mediocre
Trades: Kyle Orton for David Garrard (QBs) and Dunn for Stewart (RB)

NHL Period 4
Stingers- The NHL is much harder than Football and I'm not enjoying it. We're currently back to 8th

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stinger503's Websites I Love

This is something I've been trying to start for a while and here we go:

Collative Learning by Rob Ager
Basically Rob Ager is currently an amateur movie director and he of course enjoys watching movies. On Youtube he posts video analysis's on some of his favourite movies. What he does is dig up the underlying psychological themes and hidden elements in the movies. It not only gives you a new perspective on some of your favourite movies but also will widen your movie tastes. My favourite analysis are:
  1. The Matrix
  2. Eyes Wide Shut
  3. The Birds
  4. Alien
  5. Cape Fear
But they are all great trust me on that.

Rob Ager's Youtube Account

Lists: Things That Piss Me Off: #17

#17 Remembering Things After It's Irreversible
This is applicable right now for me. What I mean is when I am forgetting something then seconds later will remember it after it's to late, take today for example:
In my room,
Brain: Stinger we're forgetting something.
Mind: Tell me what it is then?
Brain: I don't know, the bus is going to be here soon, let's go.
Mind: Fine then.
Lock my door and close it.
Brain: I remember now, you're keys aren't in your pocket, their still in the room and now there's no way to get back in.

That is the perfect example.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Movie Review: The Strangers

The Strangers

I thought this movie was genuinely scary. The big problem though is that the movie restricts itself. The basic plot is that basically people invade a couples house. That's the problem, you're stuck at the house the whole movie and there's really only a few characters and doesn't seem like there's a lot of dialogue because of that. There's a tiny bit of back story but it doesn't factor into the rest of the movie really. The movie is pretty scary at the start but once you get to the middle you're thinking these people are stupid.

Acting: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Rated 14-A (ONT) R (USA)

P.S. I Called It!: The movie reminded me of the Manson murders and I said that and sure enough Wikipedia says that the director says that he was inspired by the Manson murders book and his childhood.