Monday, November 29, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports 29/11/10

The Hamilton Stingers won their game in a monstrous fashion beating division rival TopRushers 144-58. Analysis: Vick, Foster, Hillis and Bowe all had over 20 pts! Which easily made up for the no shows by Bryant and Jackson.

Standings wise, I go up two games (8-4) on the Bad Boy Ballas (6-6) for the lead in the Central Division. Meanwhile Eazeland All-stars continue to lead the East by a comfortable 3 games. Finally  the race for the West has been blown wide open with Westside 7-4-1, Copperheads 7-5, MOH 6-5-1 and Hombres 6-7.


The Moscow Maulers continue to march into the playoff defeating the Saints 100-89. Analysis: Close game, Green-Ellis, Vick and Tamme all had good games. Everyone else seemed to have problems (Johnson fighting, Rice injury, etc).

This raises the Maulers to 6-4 and keeps them one game up on the Detroit Lions. In the Central division, the Razorbacks continue to fall apart now 7-3 and tied with Teammitchel and Johnnyblaze.

The East division is still wide open with Team Decap and Piper Downs at 6-4 and Bone Crushers 5-5.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers is still on going. Currently I have a 10 pt lead on Katy’s Bratpack. Playing for me is Crabtree, and for Katy is Gore. I just received word that Gore is not going to be playing the rest of the game, meaning the Maulers win. This brings them to 9-3 assuring the Maulers a playoff spot!

In the Central Division Facemob also has a 9-3 playoff spot. The West Division is still wide open though, Nessquick went to 9-3, the PCB Bengals went 8-3, Yojimbo and GBD are at 7-4.


The Fenix Firecrackers won their Championship game 123-97 with Darron Thomas (QB) led with 33 points but almost everyone else had 10 pts or more! Congratulations FIRECRACKERS!


Unfortunately the Spartans lost their game, 151-39. Mostly due to the poor play of Robinson (QB). I admit I should have switched him, had I we would have won easily.


So that wraps up this season for college football. I’m afraid this may be my last because of various factors (player pools too large, too many teams, too many games). Maybe I’ll change my mind. NFL teams updated tonite!

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Football SWEEP!

Let’s start with the college semi-finals!

The Fenix Firecrackers were up against Auburn, leader of the West Division. Unfortunately, the majority of Auburn’s players were on BYE, resulting in a easy 107-49.5 win for Fenix. FENIX IS GOING TO THE FINALS! Who is their opponent? The Eastern Division leader Blastmen went up against Eastern wildcard Trojan Warhorses. And although Blastmen were the favourites, the Trojans won 134-109.

So this weekend Eastern rivals Fenix Firecrackers and the Trojan Warhorses will do battle for the CFL title.

The Western Leaders, Caledonia SPARTANS, went up against the West Wildcard Medford Drewids. The Spartans have only had two losses, one was to the Drewids. This week the Drewids put up a daunting 159 points. The Spartans put up a 183.25 point win! Meanwhile the East division rivals Pink Ladies and Jump Around faced off. Pink Ladies won 144-111. Interestingly, the Pink Ladies are the only team that the Spartans haven’t won against.

So this weekend West battles East as The Caledonia Spartans battle the Pink Ladies for the ORFPA Title.

Whew. On to the NFL now.

 The Moscow Maulers seemed to sneak out a win on the Team Decap winning 94-87. Analysis: Poor play by Bradshaw (0pts!), Andre Johnson (3pts) and Janikowski (3pts) led to a poor overall performance, it wouldn’t have taken much to beat us. This moves the Maulers to 5-4, 2 games up on the Detroit Lions who lost their game. The East Division is all tied up at 5-4 as well and the Central Division lead is still within a game.

The Hamilton Stingers had an easy 135-86 win over the Destroyers. Analysis: Can you say hot streak?! This brings them to 7-4, 2 games up on the Big Boy Ballas. Eazeland-Allstars still lead the East division and the West is still at a deadlock between Westside (6-3-1) and Copperheads (6-4).

Finally the Norfolk Maulers beat Monsta 97-93. Analysis: Again another sneaky win due to poor play by Crabtree (1pt) and the Cardinals DST (0pts!). Luckily strong play by Benson, Fred Jackson, Vick and David Akers led to a win. The Maulers go to 8-3, 3 games on Katy’s Bratpack and Boston Pats. The Central Division is still led by Facemob 8-3 by 4 games and the West Division is now led by Nessquick who broke the 3 way tie. (There is now a 3 way tie for 2nd).

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports Monday Edition- SWEEP

The astounding performance of Michael Vick easily won the games for all three teams.

The Moscow Maulers, who were losing before todays game 66-107, won 137-107. This keeps the Maulers (4-4) one game up on the Detriot Lions (3-4-1) in the West Division. The East Division has a 3 way tie for 1st at 5-2. The Central division has three teams within 1 game of each other.

The Hamilton Stingers easily dominated the M.O.H 159-66. In addition to Vick. Dwayne Bowe, who was predicted to have a bad game, scored an amazing 30 pts! You also had Jones-Drew who got 24 pts. The Stingers go up 6-4, tied with Big Boy Ballas and one up on the 5-5 TopRushers. Eastland Allstars still leads the East 8-2. Copperheads and Westside are battling over the lead in the West at 6-4/6-3-1.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won over Nessquick with a score of 150-99! Again, aside from Vick there was Fred Jackson who had 26 pts, as well as Crabtree, DeSean Jackson, Williams and Akers with 12-15-14-11. This takes the Maulers to 8-3, 4 games up on Katy’s Bratpack and Boston Pats. Facemob continues to dominate the Central 4 games over Urlacher. West division is still wide open with the PCB Bengals one game over G.B.D., Nessquick and Yojimbo.

Again a special thanks to Michael Vick for scoring an outrageous 57 points!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports: College SWEEP!

First off the Caledonia Spartans won their game against the Buckeyes 107-86. The Medford Drewids lost to Pink Ladies. Here is the final standings: * = going to playoffs


  • Cal Spartans 9-2 *
  • Medford Drewids 6-5*
  • Flames 5-6
  • Stuck@ISU 3-8
  • Wild Juice 3-8


  • Jump Around 8-3*
  • Pink Ladies 7-4*
  • Buckeyes 6-5
  • D.V.L.Z 5-6
  • West Side Blapper 3-8

Meanwhile the Fenix Firecrackers beat the Crusaders 184-86 (LSU DST had an astounding 47 pts!) Here’s what the final standings look like:


  • Blastmen 10-1*
  • Fenix Firecrackers 8-3*
  • Trojan Warhorses 7-3*
  • Vancouver Islanders 4-7
  • CC’s Irish Thunder 3-7-1


  • Auburn 9-2*
  • U.D.M. 5-6
  • Bulldogs 4-7
  • Crusaders 2-9
  • Kansas 2-9

So both teams are going to the PLAYOFFS! Cal Spartans go up against the Medford Drewids in what looks to be a spectacular rematch from only 2 weeks ago (198-133 for Medford). 1st place Jump Around will take on the Pink Ladies (who gave Jump Around a loss in Week 3).

The Fenix Firecrackers take on Auburn and Blastmen take on the Trojan Warhorses. ONLY TO GAMES LEFT! LET’S TAKE HOME THE CHAMPIONSHIP BOYS!

Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports Monday LIVE

Benson just got a touchdown! 102-97 now. 9 minutes left

Benson made a good catch for 2 pts 104-97. 2 minutes left.

Less then a minute, 2nd down Cinci on the 30. Stay there!

4th and 5 not, DO NOT CONVERT PLZ!


Cinci called it’s time outs, 22 left.

Game over! MAULERS WIN! 104 to 97!

Analysis- Benson most definitely did not screw us this week. 13 points ftw. Standings wise the Maulers go two up on the Boston Pats and Katy’s Bratpack. Nessquick was upset and so was Facemob.

The Hamilton Stingers final score was 165-94.

The Moscow Maulers got 132-86.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Football Sunday SWEEP!

Let’s start with the Norfolk Maulers, who are leading the Urlachers 91-80. To Play: Maulers- C. Benson RB Urlacher- M Wallace WR

Analysis- Let’s hope Benson doesn’t screw us here. We’ve got a healthy 11 pt lead. A win would get us two games up on the Boston Pats and Katy’s Bratpack. Elsewhere in the league Nessquick (7-1 tied for 1st league wide) is being upset by Okie Boyz (2-6) and looks to become tied with West Division rival GBD (7-1 with todays win). Facemob (tied for 1st 7-1) is also looking at a possible upset to Yojimbo (4-4). So while the Central is still being held by Facemob and I’m starting to run away with the East. The West Division looks to be blown wide open.

Hamilton Stingers have an almost certain win leading the 49ers 165-76. To Play: 49ers- C. Ochocinco WR, M Wallace WR

Analysis- Remember what I said yesterday about a team firing on all cylinders? Yeah that’s what the Stingers did today. Seriously the RBs and QB together total 89 points! Everyone had 9 pts or over! Hell even my reserves were performing well. Standings wise this keeps me tied with Toprushers and bigboyballas at 5-4 in the Central Division. Eazeland Allstars move up 3 games on the 49ers in the East Div. and the West Div. is still wide open.

Finally the Moscow Maulers hit their stride going 132-82 over the Bone Crushers. To play: Bone Crushers- J. Shipley WR

Analysis- Michael Vick dominated, along with the Saints DST and Bradshaw RB how all got 20pts or over. Overall most of my team did very well. Things are heating up in the West Division as the Maulers will remain only one game up on the Tigers and Detroit Lions. The East Division has been blown wide open with all teams within 1 game of each other. The Central division is the same way.

This will be an interesting 6 weeks, full scores tomorrow!

This Week In Fantasy Sports College Edition

Fenix Firecrackers beat CC’s Irish Thunder 98-92. The difference here? R. Tannehill, my waiver pickup who contributed 19 points to the WRs. Standings wise FF goes to 2nd in the West Div with 7-3 (a wild card spot) while the Trojan Warhorses go to 6-3-1 for 3rd. Blastmen continue dominance with 9-1 and Auburn leads the East Division with 8-2.

Meanwhile the Caledonia Spartans lost their game against Medford Drewids. 198-133. What can you say here? 5 players over 20 points! If a team is firing on all cylinders and then some, there’s no way your going to win. Period.

A minor setback though, since C. Spartans still lead the West Division 8-2 over Medford’s 6-4. In the East division Jump Around goes to 7-3 for 1st. Pink Ladies & buckeyes4ever tie for 2nd at 6-4.

Next week is the final week before playoffs. Spartans go up against the buckeyes, sure to be an excellent game as buckeyes struggle for a playoff spot.

The FF go up against the 2-8 Crusaders, I’m not taking this lightly as the Trojans are right on my heels.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Review Update

Figured I might as well give some quick ratings to movies I’ve seen recently. No full reviews.
Name | Rating (out of 5)
Bangkok Dangerous ***
Raising Arizona ***
The Road *****
Up *****
Date Night ***
The Informant **
Smart People ****
Up In The Air *****
Slumdog Millionaire *****
Taken *****
Kick Ass *****
Inception *****
Repo Men ***
1984 ****
Code 46 **
Reservoir Dogs *****
The Blind Side ***

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waiver Wire Win

My waiver wire pickup for Tannehill went through for the Fenix Firecrackers, I only wish I had done it for the Spartans now. Lord knows the guy who picked him up (Jump Around) will probably end up beating me in the championship cause of this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Edition of TWIFF

Moscow Maulers won by 98-49

Hamilton Stingers won 115-72

And the Norfolk Maulers hold on for a 76-63 win.

This Week In Fantasy Football

Fenix Firecrackers lost to the Bulldogs 141-131. Analysis: Embarrassing, mostly because my reserves were LOADED (35-26-17-22-21!) The big letdowns were Martinez my QB with 11 points, Fleener my TE with 1 pt and JK my WR with 1 pt. This leaves FF 6-3 and 3rd for the West Division. This week looks to be huge as The Trojans (2nd in West) go up against the East Division leader Auburn and the Blastmen (1st in West go up against UDM 2nd in East). FF faces CC’s Irish Thunder, 4th in West standings (behind FF) but on a 3 game winning streak.

Caledonia Spartans won, but with the skin of their teeth. 130-126 against Jump Around. JK (again), Paulson WR and Beall RB were all disappointing. Spartans improve to 8-1 and are going against the team 2nd in their division, the Medford Drewids (5-4).  

**WAIVER WIRE UPDATE** THIS COULD BE THE PICK OF THE YEAR! The Fenix Firecrackers are trying to pick up Ryan Tannehill, a WR in FF who is now the starting quarterback. What does this mean? This means rather than having 1 solid QB and 1 chancey WR, I could now have 2 solid QBs. I’m pretty low on the wire but I’ll keep you updated!


Meanwhile in the NFL…

The Norfolk Maulers are up by 13 pts on Yojimbo. 1 player to play: Yojimbo’s Derrick Ward the secondary RB for Houston. Analysis: I’m praying that Arian Foster keeps this guy out. Seriously this would be an embarrassing loss, he has 2 players on BYE and his 1st RB and QB combined only got 11 pts. Standings wise, a win would put some space between me (5-3 if win 4-4 if lose) and Katy’s Bratpack (3-5) who are 2nd in the East Division (I’m 1st)

The Hamilton Stingers have won their game 93-72 against Westside with Arian Foster (Stingers) still to play. Thankfully Cassel played well (Vick, Cutler and Flacco were all on BYE) as did the rest of the team (everyone over 5 pts). The Stingers improve to 4-4 and tie for 1st in the Central Division.

Finally the Moscow Maulers won against the Chicken Hawks, 61-49 with M. Hart, Andre Johnson and J. Tamme still to play tonight (let the slaughter begin Winking smile) Fitzpatrick played well. The Maulers go up to 2-4 and 1ST in the West Division (it’s a terrible division, what can I say?) Moving the Detroit Lions down to 2nd with 1-3-1 with the Tigers in 3rd at 1-5.

A special thanks to the Rams DST who I picked up in a last minute move for all 3 teams. They got 21 pts.