Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look At: Talladega

Today I read an article at CBS sports in which, more than once, Talladega was called a crapshoot.
Yup, Talladega is just a random race, where there is no discernable skill involved what so ever.

Of course Talladega is one of my favourite tracks, so allow me to prove them wrong:

I took the race winners from 1999 onwards to see if there was a pattern:

1999- Both won by Dale Sr.
2000- Jeff Gordon
2000- Dale Sr.
2001- Bobby Hamilton. "Oh!" Your saying, "guess your wrong." Let's read the wikipedia article, shall we?

"The entire 500-mile race was run caution-free...A physically and mentally exhausted Hamilton slumped to the ground after exiting his car and was given oxygen from a tank before giving the standard post-race Victory Lane interview while sitting on the ground, leaning against the drivers door."

I think he deserved it.

2001, both 02 and 03- won by Dale Jr.
2003- won by Waltrip (when DEI was in it's prime remember)
2004- Gordon
2004- Jr.
2005- Jarrett (Don't make me have to argue Jarrett being a good driver. Don't embarass yourself)
2006- Jimmie Johnson
2006- Vickers (Remember he had to push Jr and Johnson out of the way to get the win too)
Both 07- Gordon
2008- Kyle Busch (one of many for Busch last year)
2008- Stewart
2009- Keslowski (Crashed out Edwards on the final lap)

So maybe that'll help clear the air of all the bull anti-dega people like to spill.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts On Microsoft's E3 Conference

Damn! First off, DAMN!
That was amazing. Now before I continue I must throw this in:
Alan Wake did indeed have an EPIC demo and looked amazing!

Modern Warfare 2 looked great, but it felt like the demo they showed was rushed, in opposition of Modern Warfare 1's slower demo.

Beatles Rockband will indeed have Back In The USSR, I'm Sold.


Then Natal. I'll admit, parts were a little corny. But goddamn! Milo was creepy but even more amazing!

Then throw in Facebook and Twitter. Left 4 Dead 2, Crackdown 2, and