Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Best Halo Multiplayer Maps

Read this post today and found it interesting. Did a little research and remembered some of my old favs.

1. Boarding Action - My dream is to have a remake of this map, half Covenant ship with a huge hole in it, half human ship.
2. Ivory Tower - Had a love/hate relationship with this map but I wish it were in Halo 3
3. Blood Gulch - Classic
4. Elongation - Loved this map for it’s design, colors and gameplay. Loved Swat and Snipers.
5. Beaver Creek - Classic map
6. Hang ‘Em High - Loved sniping here.
7. Terminal - Yes, I miss being hit by a train.
8. Zanzibar - I remember E3 when this was unveiled as part of Halo 2’s multiplayer. The spinning wheel and opening doors were amazing.
9. Blackout - I probably like Lockout more but I love the Human setting redesign
10. Backwash - Sort of out of left field, but I really loved the feel of this map

Honorable Mention: Containment, Foundation, Headlong, Relic, Colossus, Warlock
Least Favourites: Waterworks, Burial Mounds, Turf, Foundry, Isolation and Snowbound

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stinger503's Report of Toolbaggery 18/04/09

I can't let this go. Sorry I can't.

You know what? I worked as a dishwasher for a couple years, and yeah it was boring, tiring, soul-stealing work that I hated. But guess what? I NEVER allowed a dirty dish through, because I had the COMMON FUCKING SENSE to know that people would be served food on those dishes, people like MYSELF! JESUS CHRIST! What's wrong with these people?! It's unfuckingbelieveable! Their attitude is so idiotic as well, no sense of "Hey if we're doing this to people's food, maybe someones doing it to our food. I wouldn't like that, so I won't do this."

And then they release it on youtube. To the public. With no attempt to hide their faces and I think they even say their names! Now it seems as if they want the internet to just forget this happened. I hope it's a damned joke. Sorry but if your that big a toolbag then you deserve to have the hammer of the internet brought down on you:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lookin' Ahead 2009 Edition

Last year I did a thing looking ahead at 2008. And boy was I right, 2008 was a blast. Now I know I'm doing this a little late. But here we go:

Already happened: Halo Wars (Review Soon), Resident Evil 5 (Review Soon), Hasbro coming to Live Arcade, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
What else?
  1. Modern Warfare 2- A sequel to a game so good it doesn't even need to be called Call of Duty any more
  2. Alan Wake- A game that's building anticipation via silence. I expect an EPIC demo at E3
  3. Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams- You. Play. A. Big. Daddy.
  4. The Beatles: Rock Band- As long as there's Back in the U.S.S.R.
  5. I Am Alive - A game where you have to live through a huge earthquake in Chicago, battling for water and trying to save your girlfriend? Count me in!
  6. Survivor- Another survival game, except multiple disasters including 9/11 and the Titanic
  7. Ride to Hell- A GTA Lost and the Damned like game. Where do I sign?
  8. Primetime- Can't wait to see how this is implemented.
  9. Huxley- The First real MMO game for the 360?
  10. Red Dead Redemption- I love western games.
  11. Max Payne 3- Never got into the first 2 but the same thing happened with Resident Evil 5
  12. Velvet Assassin- Historical game based in World War II, starring a female spy and featuring Splinter Cell like game play? Who says WWII is dead?
  13. Mafia 2- The 1st game looked interesting on the computer, but dated when finally released on the Xbox. I think this maybe a lot better. Love the era.
  14. The Saboteur- Game based in occupied Paris circa WWII. Hell yes.
  15. Splinter Cell: Conviction- There's been a long media blackout since the negative reception of the first information. Will they be out this year? I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  16. Sundown- Zombie apocalypse game. Need I say more. Hopefully out in '09
  17. Cipher Complex- Interesting Splinter Cell like game.
And that's not including what I can only imagine are going to be huge announcements from E3 '09 in a few months.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game Download Review: COD:WAW:MP1

Today I'll review the Call of Duty: World At War: Map Pack 1, I won't be reviewing the Zombies map though, just the multiplayer maps.

First is Nightfire: basically a night map in the streets of a German city (Berlin?) in flames. Now as a sniper the map is okay, it's not as big as Seelow and there's a couple of okay sniping spots. The map is pretty fun for objective based games like sabotage. And there is a variety of strategies one can use (ex. go through factory, alley, across street to sniper or enemy base, etc.) so you have to be on your feet.
Overall: 8/10
It's fun but there are areas for improvement.

Second is Station: Basically a recreation of the subway tunnels from the campaign, this map is a bit of a bitch because it seems as though there's ALWAYS someone behind you. This is because of the multiple tunnels that link from the main big tunnel to the secondary tunnels. There aren't any lighting issues here either. Also fun for games of sabotage. Sniping can be done here but it's kind of lame.
Overall: 8/10
Pretty good, sort of like the map Elongation from Halo 2.

Finally there's Knee Deep: This is definitely my favourite Pacific based map. It's quite large and features various sniping spots. Great fun for objective games and death match games alike. Starts out kind of boring but it really grows on you. Favourite map from the pack, better than the other Pacific maps like Makin and Courtyard (not sure of the name).
Overall: 9/10
All round very good.

BUY? Yes