Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disappointment and Looking Ahead... Fantasy this Week

Well if you couldn't tell before I am extremely disappointed about how the college football season ended. The Stingers did really well 137-136, but it was a tough pill to swallow. Especially since I didn't play Royster on the recommendation of, which is something I like to think I wouldn't have done had I know it was the Playoff game. If I had played Royster I would have won by 5 points.

Alas the Niagara Maulers didn't fair so well, being demolished by 60 points, but let's face it, when your quarterback gets 54 points in the playoff game your one lucky son of a bitch. But the Goldy's Bully's luck ran out when they lost to there will be bud for the championship.

Next the Hamilton Maulers this week had a huge upset win with Buffalo's Lynch and Lindell coming up with a combined 30ish points on Monday (I was down by 10 on Sunday). The Hamilton Maulers are second in the West Division, actually were tied for first.

Finally the Maulers did lose but in many ways that's a good thing. I'd rather get consistent players on the team and shitty players off now. I'm glad Romo's back, he better play this Sunday. My replacement QB didn't do well this week and my WRs sucked but I traded them off.
The Maulers are second in the West Division, actually were tied for first. (Deja vu?)

After the NFL seasons over I'll probably stop fantasy sports till golf and NASCAR come back. Simply because NHL and NBA are a pain in the ass to play.

P.S. By the way the bottle I was referring to in that previous post was an Ice Tea plastic bottle which I could not open with my hands. I had to use scissors that luckily have steel fucking grips to get the bastard open! Seriously if that's the way we're going lets just go back to glass bottles with metal caps and use bottle openers.

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