Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here we are, the end of the season. My 3rd season to be exact. It’s been a long journey from September. Let’s see how we did.

Starting with the Moscow Maulers going up against the Piper Downs. Well the Maulers lost 93-63. Although Tamme, Vick and BGE all did pretty well, unfortunately VJackson, Mccoy, Bryant, the Chargers and Wes Welker all had under 10 pts, mostly under 5pts. Andre Johnson being called out of the game at 3PM was the nail in the coffin. Congrats to the Piper Downs (the team my father owns by the way)

The Norfolk Maulers  also lost their championship game to the Nessquick 99-62. Vick, Torain and Britt (a good waiver pick) all did well but Boss, Akers, the Gianst DST, Benson, Branch, and Jackson all had 4 pts or less. Congrats to Nessquick.

Finally the Hamilton Stingers are the NFL vs CFL league CHAMPIONS! They beat the Eazeland All-Stars 114-105 a bunch of player came through for me including Vick, Foster, the Patriots DST, Bowe and Williams.

So now to do something I haven’t done before, MVP awards.

MVP: Michael Vick. With a season high off 57 pts and low of 19 (barring injury) he pretty much got my teams into the playoffs. Vick also wins for Waiver Wire MVP.

Draft MVP goes to Arian Foster who did very well.

WR MVP goes to Dwayne Bowe and Andre Johnson who both did well and not well at times.

TE MVP goes to Tamme who did great replacing Shiancoe for me

K MVP goes to David Akers who with Vick did really well

DST MVP goes to the Patriots who had the most points in the final game

Worst Injury: Dez Bryant this hurt the receiving corps on my team greatly.

Lucky Break: Michael Vicks injury made another team put him on waivers, I picked him up.

Big Bust: Shiancoe and Bernard Berrian.


Sunday, December 19, 2010


THE MOSCOW MAULERS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFF AGAINST THE PIPER DOWNS! The Maulers won their game against Johnnyblaze 113 to 75, mostly thanks to Michael Vick dropping bombs and the Chargers Defense. The Piper Downs defeated Teammitchell finally putting to rest the ultra competitive Central Division.

This weekend will have a classic East vs West showdown. The Maulers and Pipers faced off before in Week 7, where the Pipers beat a team missing key players (Michael Vick injured and Andre Johnson on BYE) 97-78. Will the Maulers get their revenge in the biggest game of all?

Meanwhile The Stingers and Norfolk Maulers still have a Monday game to go through.

To Play: Maulers- Bennett (WR) or Rice (WR), Yojimbo- Forte (RB) and Olsen (TE). I have a healthy 37 pt lead (107-70) but I’m still worried. The opponent they’ll face is still up in the air: Nessquick is leading Facemob 104-93 but Facemob still has Adrian Peterson to play.

Finally the Stingers have all but sealed their win against Westside, leading 134-72. Westside has A. Peterson to play as well. They will likely battle the Eazeland All-Stars barring some sort of miracle that allows the 49ers ATW to overcome a 38 pt deficit.
I will update tomorrow!

UPDATE: The Stingers won their game by default with Peterson injured. The Stingers will face the Eazeland All-Stars who downed their division opponent. The last time these teams met the Stingers had a blowout loss by a humiliating 60pts. Can the Stingers get their revenge and get the underdog win?

The Norfolk Maulers also won their game 109-81 with Benson, Torain and of course Vick getting a majority of the points. Nessquick won its match against Facemob who also had Peterson. Ouch. Remember what I told you last week about the Maulers and Nessquick? We're still battling it out for the most wins (12-3) and now the championship. Last time these teams battled it was a 51 pt route for the Maulers. GO TEAMS GO!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports: Semi-Finals

NFL vs CFL matchups are
The Hamilton Stingers vs Westside
Eazeland Allstars vs 49ers All The Way (Copperheads actually lost out by a tie).

Westside barely won the West Division by a tie. Westside and the Stingers met in Week 8 with the Stingers winning 115-72. Westside's roster has great players such as Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson and the Steelers DST. However they have a weak Receiving core and their Running Back team is lacking. This should be a difficult matchup. The computer has me up by 17.

The KFP league will have
The Moscow Maulers vs Johnny Blaze
Piper Downs vs Teammitchell

The Moscow Maulers met Johnny Blaze in Week 4, handing us our second loss in a 3 game losing streak. To say the Johnny Blaze are a powerful team is an understatement, with MJD, Calvin Johnston, Miles Austin, Hines Ward and the Steelers DST (again? PLEASE New York Jets, beat the Steelers to a pulp (note that the Steelers play Carolina the week after, is that a guaranteed championship?)) The computer has me up by 11.

VAPO League has
Yojimbo vs Norfolk Maulers
Nessquick vs Facemob

The Maulers face Yojimbo in Week 7 and beat them by a little over 10 pts. This could come down to a battle of the Quarter Backs with my Michael Vick going up against Mark Sanchez. I should note that Nessquick and the Maulers are battling for the most wins. The computer has us up by 15.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports

Since all my teams were going to the playoffs, I decided to experiment with alternate players and it was quite successful. 2/3 teams won their games.

So how do the playoffs look now?

The Moscow Maulers won their game and improved to 8-4 and win the West Division title (with a 4 game lead on 2nd place to boot). The East Division title goes to Piper Downs who also has an 8-4 record. The Central Division was a lot closer with Team Mitchell and Johnnyblaze being tied at 8-4. Razorbacks were kept out of the running by the Chickenhawks  who beat them this week keeping them at 7-5.

KFP League

  • East Division is Piper Downs
  • West Division is Moscow Maulers
  • Central Division is Johnnyblaze
  • Wild Card is Team Mitchell

Hamilton Stingers lost their game leaving them at 9-5, still finishing first in the Central Division. The West is lead by the Eazeland All-Stars. The East Division with Copperheads beating Westside today is in a tie at 8-4.

NFL vs CFL League

  • Central Division is Hamilton Stingers
  • East Division is Eazeland All-Stars
  • West Division is Westside
  • Wild Card is Copperheads

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won their game, winning the East Division 11-3. Facemob won the Central Division 9-5. Nessquick won his West Division 11-3. Yojimbo secures the wild card spot at 9-5.

VAPO League

  • Central Division is Facemob
  • East Division is Norfolk Maulers
  • West Division is Nessquick
  • Wild Card is Yojimbo

Updates on matches tomorrow

Monday, December 6, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports 06/12/10

 Moscow Maulers have cemented their playoff spot this week with a 120-54 win over the Tigers. Analysis: Vick, Bradshaw, McCoy, Welker and Johnson all had monster games which made up for poor play by the rest of the team.

Playoff wise the Detroit Lions are out being 2 games back even if they win both weeks they can’t catch me. In the Central Division Teammitchell looks to take the lead with Razorbacks and Johnnyblaze down a game. The East Division is being led by the Piper Downs with the Bone Crushers back by a game. They face off next week. Next week Maulers face the Detroit Lions.

The Hamilton Stingers won their game against 2nd place Big Boy Ballas 86-65. Analysis: Vick and Foster gave the team an awesome start. Which the team almost blew with 5 players having less than 5 points.

Eazeland All-Stars easily has the East Division down and the Westside leads the West by a game over Copperheads and M.O.H.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers won their game 103-73 against the Underdogs. Analysis: Mix bag here, Vick and Benson played well. As did Akers and the Giants D.

Standings wise this puts me easily in the playoffs. Facemob still dominates the Central and Nessquick sealed the deal in the West division.