Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some updates and reflection

What a summer! It's hard to believe that I actually went to GeoWoodstock this year, it seems like years ago now. Some of the other highlights:
  • Over 100 caches in one day!
  • 100 days in a row with a cache!
  • Placing 15 caches!
  • An amazing day at Dairy Daze!
  • Introducing my cousin to caching (He now has over 100 finds!)
  • A double event day
  • A September with over 180 caches.
  • Starting Waymarking 
  • Caching with legends like Bruce Iroquoia, Pasha 88, Surly2 and Karen Renora
Whew. This month I have less than 20 caches. It's because, well, partly laziness. But a lot of it is the shorter days combined with disorganization. Add in school and a job then well, you get the picture.Thankfully a no-school week should bolster my numbers. In fact I'll give you a preview of what's coming up.

  • Caching partner Sharon12 will be getting her 1000th cache this week. She's chosen Deerbait, an old cache that dates back to 2001.
  • BFL Night is coming up, this will be my first attendance and I'm excited. I'll report back to you.
  • I will be getting an iPhone 4S as early as tomorrow. I'll be reporting on how it compares to my Magellan in a few weeks.
  • A ton of ideas for new caches.
  • Visiting the GPS Maze in Toronto.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Week in Fantasy Football: A mixed bag

First up was the Caledonia Maulers who lost 90-69 against the Boston Celtics. This was a complete fumble by my team, the highest scoring player was BGE with 13 pts. Even if I hadn't bench Eli Manning I still would have lost by 6 points.

Next up is the Hamilton Stingers who led a great 92-74 victory over the Honey Badgers. Michael Turner did most of the work netting 20pts and Graham (TE) and Kasay (K) got 19 and 11 pts respectively.

Now the Hamilton Thunder lost out to NAA 119 to 91 unfortunately Fitzpatricks failure and Austin being sidelined with injury lost us the game. The rest of my players did well though, all having over 10 pts.

Finally the Tornadoes preformed a come-from-behind victory 91-89 against the Waterboys as Bernie Wells got an amazing 31 pts. Mike Williams 6 pts gave us the win on Monday night.