Wednesday, December 3, 2008

True North in Trouble

There are two things that scare me about what is happening here in Canada.
1st is the ignorance of Canadians- Especially the whole "Oh no the Separatists are going to destroy Canada!" First the NDP and Liberals wouldn't vote for that and neither would the Conservatives. Second the Cabinet wouldn't have any Bloc in it. It would be mostly Liberal with a few NDP. Also a lot of people seem to believe this is a coup or illegal. It's not. They were voted in! Now they're just joining up together. It's not like there's tanks rolling up the Parliament!

2nd is the dangers of this. My worst fear would be Harper suspending Parliament and then have a terrorist attack/attacks on the scale of 9/11 or Mumbai in Canada. Joe Biden (Vice-President-Elect of the U.S.) has stated the Obama will face some sort of catastrophe early on. He's goes into office in Jan. if we go to an election or Parliament is suspended for more than Jan we'd be in trouble

To be continued...

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