Monday, December 15, 2008

Canada In Afghanistan Pt1

Do you know what opium is used for? Heroin. 90% of opium comes from Afghanistan. Now I know what you're thinking, those darn Taliban people are making the drugs.

Well you're dead wrong. In 2000 the Taliban actually banned growing opium, and even succeeded in decreasing the amount by 90%! It was only after WE invaded that Afghanistan began to produce large amounts of opium. Now they are the #1 maker of opium! Woohoo! Take a look at this quote from wikipedia:

"While U.S. and allied efforts to combat the drug trade have been stepped up, the effort is hampered by the fact that many suspected drug traffickers are now top officials in the Karzai government."

Did I say it was banned in 2000? Actually it was July 2001, that's not suspicious at all now is it?

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