Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Games That Have Annoyed Me

1. Mass Effect
Last Played: I honestly only played for a few hours after I beat the game.
Reason: First off, I was lied to. That's right, LIED to. How you ask?

Notice the end of the trailer. How you switch from person to person? That was completely cut from the game. Also the longer trailer showed how you could dynamically effect conversation, that wasn't in either. I never heard that before the game was released and I checked the website and forums frequently.

Finally the worst offender to me was that once you finish the final mission, that's it. Your character is done. You have to create a new character or reload a save if you want to explore the other worlds.

These betrayals hurt me because I was extremely excited for the game. I bought the book, had all the trailers on my 360 and watched them religiously, and pre-ordered the Limited Special Edition.

2. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Last Played: 3-6 Months Ago
Reason: Someone thought that I'd like the idea of losing all my multiplayer 'mini' achievements so I could rank up more. NO! That is a big pile of bullshit. Fuck you! I don't need your fucking ranks! I earned this fucking achievements and I'm damn well going to keep them! And since I'm not ranking up anymore I'm not going to play! So fuck you!

3. Fall-Out 3
Last Played: A week ago or more
Reason: They borrowed a page from Mass Effects shitty ideas and ended the game after you beat the story. They didn't do this for Oblivion! I read on the Fallout 3 forums where people complained about this: "People don't get that this isn't an Elder Scrolls game it's a Fallout 3 game" Well that reasoning is fucking stupid! Is there a story line? Check. Is there dozens of missions, characters and areas to explore that don't involve the story? Check! THEN DON'T END THE GAME WHEN THE STORY ENDS!

The big reason this pisses me off is because no other games do this. FPSs let you choose a level for example, so if I need a certain achievement I can just go to that level and play. You can't do that for RPGs!

Finally fuck Mass Effect for their play the game over! but this time with so and so only achievements! And the same for Fallout 3

Last Played: Months ago
Reason: I got fucked over by their completion score, I got like 99.3% completion and I've done fucking everything!

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