Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Wow the past couple weeks have gone by quickly.
The Maulers aren't in the playoff and ended the season with a 5-9 record.

So of course I'm going up against Circle da Wagons with my Hamilton Maulers.
The second game is Scatter Brains versus The Mudcats.

Here's the low-down:
Mudcats-(East Division)
Record: 8-6

Scatter Brains- (West Division)
Record: 9-5

Circle da Wagons- (Central Division)
Record: 9-5

Hamilton Maulers- (East Division)
Record: 8-6

As you can see the East Division has the stack against us but we're going up against the two titans right now.

Here's the Projections:

Hamilton Maulers vs. Circle da Wagons: Maulers by 34

Mudcats vs. Scatter Brains: Mudcats by 11

Could there be a East Division square off in the final? Time will tell...

Last but not least I've changed up my teams a hell of a lot. Here is my crew: (* is a traded player)

Quarterbacks (Unchanged):
Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints (@Chicago)
Backup- Chad Pennington of the Miami Dolphins (@ San Fran)

Running Backs (Changed):
Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears (@ New Orleans)
Dominic Rhodes* of the Indianapolis Colts (@ Detroit)
Backup- Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills (@New York Jets)

Wide Receivers (Changed):
Bruce Issac of the San Francisco 49ers (@Miami)
Devery Henderson* of the New Orleans Saints (@Chicago)
Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers (@Denver Broncos) We've come a long way. I've had him since before the season started when he was suspended.
Backup- Davone Bess* of the Miami Dolphins (@ San Fran) I'm getting him and dropping Matt Jones who is suspended

Tight End (Changed):
Zach Miller* of the Oakland Raiders (@New England)

Kickers (Changed):
Dan Carpenter* of the Miami Dolphins (@San Fran)
Backup- John Carney of the New York Giants (@Dallas)

Defense Teams (Unchanged):
New York Giants (@ Dallas)
Backup- Miami Dolphins (@ San Fran)

God Speed Gentlemen...God Speed.
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