Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Demo Review: Dead Space and Left 4 Dead

Here is what I am saying. If I like this game I will have spaghetti for supper otherwise Mac And Cheese.

Okay well I'm having Mac & Cheese. I was having fun at the start, shooting the shit out of stuff. Then I ran out of ammo. So I moved at a snail pace around the room looking for ammo to no avail. I ended up beating the thing with my hands. Seconds later I had at least 2 more coming at me and still had no ammo. That's not fun. That's a pain in the ass! Exit.

Good/Bad: BAD

Okay I'll give Left 4 Dead a chance to redeem it. If I like it I'll have spaghetti.
Wow Left 4 Dead was great. I actually got to kill shit with guns. Using ammunition. This is a game I definitely have to get!

Good/Bad: GOOD

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