Monday, December 22, 2008

Championship Game!

Okay well Matt Forte has done his job. It's the final minutes of the last game. 3 minutes left. I'm winning the game right now 96-94. The game on tv is 17-17 between chicago and green bay.
My New York Giants defense failed me and got 0 points. Everyone else has done great including Brees who got 26 points. We would've won easily but Williams on the other team got 34 points.

So here we are. If Chicago gets a field goal then he wins. If not and the game finishes then I win. If Matt Forte gets more points and then he get a field goal I could still win. Let's see...

1:44 left: Packers still have it!

:25 left: Packers attempt field goal

:18 left: we're goin to overtime

13:12 left: Forte make a good Reception and we go to 97

11:33 left: Gould has a chance to kick a field goal tying the game 97-97


Well that's it. It's a tie. That's all for this year in fantasy sports. I'll be starting again in February for NASCAR.

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