Saturday, December 6, 2008

Game Review: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Well I lucked out. The rental store I frequent had accidentally put this game as a used dvd and put it at $9.99 So I got a great deal.

I played at 6 o'clock and finished the game at 9:45 so it was pretty short. The game is riddled with bugs. One thing that pissed me off was at a latter portion of the game I was in a bridge that had xxx like supports, and when I tried to shoot through the middle it wouldn't go through, in fact it showed up as bullet holes! In mid air! BUT THEY COULD SHOOT ME THROUGH THERE! But for some reason I could shoot through the top part!

The game felt rushed. I know this because it seems like the final level had more bugs than the rest. One guy got stuck in a wall. Another got stuck in the wall and then when I tried to use an instant kill I got transported outside the map and fell to my death. Then there's the checkpoints which are okay at the beginning but again
(giving the feeling of being rushed) at the end they're a joke. Example:
I go up an elevator, go down a hall killing baddies. Go into a tough room and kill some baddies go over a gap and kill more. Go down a hall into another room and kill a guy then go up some stairs. Snipe 10 people from a door way then go through it into a big room. CHECKPOINT. I then walk down a stairway and die. Okay so that's not too bad. Oh wait THAT checkpoint wasn't there. Instead I go back to the fucking elevator! The game also froze on me.

The game was okay but the story which should be awesome, was quite bland. Think about it this way, Gears of War was a novel compared to this game. The graphics were passable but not good by any means. Not many weapons, about 10 by my count. The AI is stupid by all count. Mostly you just run up to them and shoot them with a shotgun and repeat. It's just bland. Standard Medal of Honour you're a God and kill armies with no problem.

Thank God they released a demo or I could have bought this at full price.

Programming: 5/10 : Unacceptable amount of bugs and stupid AI
Graphics: 6/10 : About as good as Medal of Honour (for the Xbox)
Story: 6/10 : There are some parts where the story shines through but then again this is a NAZI invasion of the U.S. how could this not have been great?!
Atmosphere: 6/10 : Horribly bland representation of 40s-50s New York and Washington
Control: 7/10 : You move too slow but it's passable.
Overall: 5.5/10 : They tried to reach Call of Duty 2 but fell to Call of Duty: Finest Hour

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