Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking Back @ 2007

We’re a month away from our 1st anniversary. And coming up we’re going to be having the Stinger503 Video Game Awards. So I decided I’d look into the awards I gave out last year and how they stood the sands of time.

Best Soundtrack- Halo 3

2008- I think this stands up still. Easily had the best soundtrack

Best Graphics- Bioshock

2008- Again still stands. I played and beat Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock is still better.

Best Demo- (tie) Halo 3 beta, Medal of Honour: Airborne, Boom Boom Rocket

2008- Still stands. Medal of Honour: Airborne especially since the game wasn’t that great.

Most Satisfying Game- (Tie) Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box

2008- Still stands I’ve played at least 20+ hours in each of these games.

Best 360 Gear- (Tie) Text Messenger & Messenger Bag

2008- Still carry my 360 in that bag and the messenger is so useful for doing messages

Best Multiplayer Game- Halo 3

2008- I was completely right and just look at the most played online game. Not Gears 2 but Halo 3. Enough said

Best Arcade Game- Boom Boom Rocket

2008- Still true. Played it recently in fact.

Best Atmosphere- Bioshock

2008- Still true in my opinion, which is why I’m excited for the next installment.

Best Story- Call of Duty 4

2008- Still true it was the most memorable

Best Game- Halo 3

2008- See Multiplayer

Prediction for next year- Grand Theft Auto IV

2008- We’ll see January 26 2009

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