Friday, October 3, 2008

Huge Post (Football, Politics, Whatever Else)

First I'll start with politics. I hate them. First there was the fact that the Vice-Presidential debate was on and therefore The Office and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares weren't. Who the hell cares about vice-presidents?

Second I can't even watch the Prime Minister debates. Why? Because it's bullshit. It's basically you have to pick the lesser of two evils:

  • Conservative- Great choice if you don't want any art in our society. Also if that recent "plagerism scandal" proved anything it was that we have the same Conservatives that the Americans have. Seriously he didn't copy the speech from the Austrailian guy. They were both given the speeches. The question you need to ask yourself is WHO gave them the speeches?

  • Liberals- Great choice if you want a Carbon Tax. Such bullshit. There's a new buzz word that I can't stand and it's "Carbon Footprint". The carbon tax is basically a tax on everything. And don't believe that bullshit that gasoline won't be taxed. Have you even thought how a tax like this would work? You think you can just send a list of shit you have in? No they are going to come to your house and look through your shit. They are going to see how much you travel in your car and everything. And the whole enviromental crisis is bullshit too.

  • Green Party- They are more insane than the liberals. I don't even want to imagine what would happen if they somehow got in.

  • NDP- god they are really the only choice but they pretty much support the war now too. And there is almost no chance of getting them in anyway.

  • CAP- this is who I'd vote for, but I doubt our area even has one. So I guess I'm going to vote for Gary McHale.

Fantasy Sports

Yeah I got lazy this week. Sue me.

Hamilton Maulers vs PSU: Projected- Maulers by 64

Actual: Maulers 71 to 51 PSU

Analysis: My QB (Brees) did great. RB's did well, my WR really let me down except Steve Smith, who I had kept for 2 weeks while he was suspended. My kicker did poorly to, but he's injured now. My TE did came up empty and my Minneapolis D did horridly. Thank god the other team had most of his players on BYE week.

Trades: I traded Ike Hillard (RB) for Josh Reed (RB) which could really bite me in the ass. I traded Brown (K) for Lindell (K) since Brown did terrible, is injured and on BYE week. I traded Baker (TE) for Gage (WR) because I have another TE who's off BYE now and Gage is injured but is one of the best WRs right now, and could even play this week.

Maulers vs Roachclips420: Projected- Maulers by 45

Actual: Maulers 92 to 30 Roadclips420

Analysis: My players were pretty good. My TE did badly and Stuckey (WR) did badly too. My kicker is the same for both my teams and he did bad too.

Trades: I traded Brown(K) for Prater of the Denver Broncos which should be fine. I traded Brandon Lloyd for Eddie Royal because Lloyds injured. This is funny because I had trade Eddie for Lloyd last week.

College Football
Niagara Maulers vs NDFightingIrish10- Projected: Maulers by 3

Actual: Niagara Maulers 92 to 123 NDFFightingIrish10

Analysis: Basically my whole team was good by not good enough. My QB had 15 points but that's 15 points less than NDF's QB. My RB's were awesome, WRs meh to bad (My best 16 his best 35) K TE and Defence were all meh

Trades: None, just put some of my Actives off because of BYE and reserves on.

Stingers vs The Okalahoma City- Projected: Stingers by 2

Actual: Stingers 100 to 62.25 TOC

Analysis: My QB RB and Defence did awesome. Everyone else did ok to bad.

Trades: None.


Golf is over now, I believe I am much better than before.


I did good for Nascar as well.

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