Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Week in Fantasy Sports AND FIREFOXED

I've had enough with Internet Explorers bullshit. Every time I go to the CBSSports website the fucker closes and restarts and I'm fed up. I've downloaded Mozilla's Firefox and I'm not going back because Firefox is better. In the status bar you can control Itunes and get weather reports. It's 100% faster than IE anyway. If your thinking of switching do so.

Well this week was a mixed bag full of candy and shit. First I remember to check my College Football teams...on FRIDAY! I then realize my 8-0 winning streak is at risk because most of my players are on BYE! AH!

So I make some emergency trades and have everything sorted before any damage can be done. But guess what, I forgot to change my NFL teams on Friday, and Saturday and finally remember Sunday at 6:31 PM. All the games were at 1PM. Tony Romo is still my QB from last week. Tons of players are on BYE. Yeah. So here we go:

College Football Week 9

Niagara Maulers vs Past Masters- Projected: Maulers by 19
Actual: Niagara Maulers 147 to 55 Past Masters
Analysis: Less than half of their team was actually not on BYE weeks.
Trades: Everyone did superb but I'm gonna have to trade someone for someone not on BYE

Stingers vs B3AST- Projected: Stingers by 21
Actual: Stingers 127 to 79 B3AST
Analysis: Again everyone did their job and performed amazingly
Trades: None of my team is on BYE so none. This week I go for a 10 game winning streak!

NFL Football Week 8

Hamilton Maulers vs Jumpin- Projected: Jumpin by 42
Actual: Hamilton Maulers 97 to 64 Jumpin
Analysis: Brees made up for last week and the Giants D and Smith did excellent
Trades: Steve Smith, Brees and I'm missing two WRs because of BYE. So we'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

Maulers vs Cables Crew- Projected: Cables Crew by 22 (This is one time I wish they were right)
Actual: Maulers 43 to 100 Cables Crew
Analysis: Romo was gone and everyone but Lynch and Johnson played like crap
Trades: Don't know yet

NHL Period 3
Stingers- My team finished tied for 5th this time, much better, it got us to third in standings
Analysis: The game is much different from football, but Crosby and others are starting to perform better.

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