Monday, October 13, 2008

This Week In Fantasy Sports

First I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (for Canadians) or Columbus Day (for Americans).
Second my computer is f**king bricked. Black screen of death. I'm typing this on my home computer but have no idea what I'm gonna do when I get to college.

Here we go:
NFL Football Week 6
Maulers vs T-Town Wildcats : Projected- Wildcats by 41
Actual: Maulers 73 to 61 Wildcats
Analysis: What a disasterous success. Romo is out for 5 weeks! And he got 28pts! Not good. My other standout Johnson-WR (12pts) had to leave the game. My Vikings defence really pulled it off this week for me though.
Trades: God! Possibly my RBs, WRs and TEs, hopefully some of my guys that were on BYE are going to do well now.

Hamilton Maulers vs Maineacs: Projected- Maineacs by 20
Actual: Hamilton Maulers 93 to 86 Maineacs
Analysis: Brees completely destroyed Oakland, everyone else did great except Fasano-TE who's been bad for two weeks now.
Trades: I'll consider trading Fasano but I think the rest of my team is pretty good.

College Football Week 7
Niagara Maulers vs There Will Be Bud- Projected: Maulers by 10
Actual: Niagara Maulers 130 to 141 There Will Be Bud
Analysis: Just didn't do good enough.
Trades: Possibly a new TE.

Stingers vs Penguins of Troy- Projected: Stingers by 15
Actual: Stingers 117 to 82 POT
Analysis: Whipped ass again. My QB was on BYE and we still won.
Trades: Nothing team is goin' great

My team is dead last.

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