Friday, October 3, 2008

Stinger teh Sale Finder

In the past two days I found two huge deals. First I bought two pies for 9 dollars. (I'm eating one right now) and then yesterday at Wal-Mart (I was looking for a new mouse) I saw a GameCube priced at $20! $50 less than it's original price! Holy Crappola! So I looked around for a mouse and then came back and decided to buy it, but wait! Where is it?! Someone came and bought it while I was gone! NO! Oh wait, here it is behind this Wii Tennis Racket someone was looking at, assholes. So I buy the GC and now have a new console (it's Limited Edition Platinum) with no games to play. I guess I'll probably buy Zelda, and some Super Smash Bros. later

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