Friday, October 3, 2008

Niagara Food Festival pt1

Well today I went to the Niagara Food Festival in downtown Welland (there IS a god). And it blew my expectations away.
First there was a large stage with a band playing some Beatles music. After a short walk I get to the food, lord the food, there are about 30-40 tents in the main area, each tent had 3-5 things you can buy, each thing you can buy is $5 or less! THIS IS MY KIND OF PLACE!

I take out $20 from an ATM as quickly as possible and get started.
First is the Rex Hotel, which I saw when I came in and saw they had tortellini. Thank god. I buy some for $2 and chomp that down, great start.
On a side note I think they went a little overboard with the recycling. Seriously they had plastic, compost, etc. They actually had people there to take your garbage and put it in the cans. Pretty crazy, but convienent. Can I have these people follow me?

Anyway, next is a hunting game place. I buy a Bison Burger and eat it and it was pretty good. Tomorrow I'm getting a Kangaroo Burger (seriously).

I decide to look around some more. I go out and find there's a little band playing, and then go down main street. I see a little cooking area where someone is cooking. Just as I arrive it ends. (Boo) and then he gives out what he just cooked (WOO-HOO!).
So I have some salmon and I hate fish but this was fucking amazing!

So then I head back, it's getting cold out and I still have 14 dollars!

I stop and get a poutine and it was great. I considered stopping to get a lemonade but then saw the dammed price! $5! Are you kidding me? I almost coughed up poutine!

I decide to get some desert. I stop at a French School and decide on Pear & Cream, and holy f***ing crap was it amazing! They use a flame to carmelize the brown sugar and the pear and cream were AMAZING!

Next I decide to get a some goat cheese and mushroom cristini, and it was heavenly too.

Last but not least, actually one of the best, I got some portobello mushroom tortolini.
After that I left and waited for 15 minutes for the Community Bus, the band they have now played some Eric Clapton. Right now I'm eating an apple pie.

All the things I stated above (except apple pie, although there was apple pie there for cheep) were $19! That's right I didn't even spend my whole $20.

Can you guess where I'm eating tomorrow?

P.S. I wanted to get pics and vids but my camera is a piece of ass crap.

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