Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demo Reviews: Endwar, COD5 and more!

Demo Reviews:
For demo reviews I'll be using a simple system GOOD good bad BAD(C) pretty self explanatory. And yeah I'm copyrightin' that biatch

Good/Bad: BAD
Why? Because it's was just a horrible demo. It probably COULD have been a good demo. But some where along the line someone forgot one thing... THE GAMES A BASTARD TO CONTROL! Basically you control with your microphone headset. And it honestly works well and was pretty cool. But guess what, no f**king tutorial. Who's idea of a joke is this? I've seen tutorial for NORMAL GAMES THAT USE NORMAL CONTROLLERS?

So I start the offline demo and I have a command vehicle with some men. So I try to deploy the command vehicle thinking it's sort of like C&C, nope, it just sits there. Then why have it at all? Useless piece of shit. The game doesn't even tell me what I'm doing! I see the CPU is taking over control points, so I some how manage to take over one. But after that things went downhill. I accidentally said something wrong and the Command vehicle starts attacking my control point! "STOP! HALT!" I yell into the microphone, "RETREAT! GO TO BASE ALPHA! GO TO BASE DELTA!" And they just keep shooting at my base! During this time I had sent my tanks to go capture an enemy control point, and when I switch to them I see they are getting ass raped. I said "fu** this shit!" And immediately exited the demo. That's an insult to my intelligence. I f**king play games all my god damned life and they suddenly expect you to know what voice commands do what or how to even play the game! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? IT's insulting because they make it seem like drowning is a natural part of swimming. I'm sorry but how is getting my ass handed to me going to make me pay $60+ for your game. It's not. Terrible demo.

Duke Nukem 3D
Good/Bad: GOOD
Duke Nukem is from the Doom/Wolfenstein era of games. I had never play Duke before but it's humour and unique gameplay elements were impressive. If I had the money to afford more MSP then this would be downloaded right after Braid.

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway
Good/Bad: Good
Good but short demo, basically the it's a tutorial (SOMETHING ENDWAR COULD HAVE USED) that teaches you the basic controls. The demo was quite solid and fun. Only complaint- Throwing grenades in doorways is a pain in the ass. Definantly a must buy/rent.

Too Human
Good/Bad:: Good
I'm surprised. I enjoyed this game. Alot. Dispite everything bad I've heard about it.It astounds me that the game is so beautiful. And then there's the story. Which seems pretty cool, basically about Vikings in the Space age. And really, what part of that isn't bad ass. Finally it's a long demo too, about an hour. I'd be crazy to buy it because of all the bad press but I'll likely buy it when it becomes a bit cheaper.

Call Of Duty 5: World at War Beta*
Well my experience so far has been positive. (EXCEPT FOR GETTING SCREWED OVER ON MY KNIFE KILLS SO MANY TIMES!) Basically it's COD4 but WWII, and I love it, the Japanese weapons are great as well as the Russian ones. There's three maps, Malkin which is a dark beach with buildings map, which is alright. There's Roundabout (I think that's what it's called) which is Russian, and features Tanks! Gods be praised! The final map is a Japanese or Chinese palace like area which has some good sniping opportunities. Other upgrades include dogs instead of helicopters, which surprisingly are far more effective than the helicopters ever were. I also enjoy Molotov Cocktails. The only other issue I've been having is spawning, which about 10% of the time has you being shot seconds after. But the game is tons of fun.

*I hope I'm not breaking some sort of agreement with this

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