Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weird/Most Kickass Dream Ever

Okay so it starts off in England where over time a small island has
crashed into the mainland and is now sinking, buildings are collapsing
and everything. A news reporter sees a gun going off, and a detective
believes it to be a gun used in a recent murder. So I'm sent in, I did
this before with a speeding car I guess. Under the cover of a black
smoke grenade I grab the gun and get off the island before anyone sees
me. I'm like a Splinter Cell.

Next I'm in some sort of Italian town where terrorists have attacked. I'm just running through the streets kicking ass, COD4 style with a knife and pistol. Finally I shoot at one
guy but I miss (bad angle) and he runs. I follow him but then I hear on
the radio "You will all perish when the z-somthing bomb goes off.
Suddenly like in COD4 I see a star on my radar right next to me. I see a
small wooden box which I hear beeping coming from, I run up to it and
rip it apart. Within the box is a small wooden chest. The beeping is
increasing. I flip over the chest and open it, and see the bomb!

the phone rings.

Weird thing, all the terrorists wore white and had red eyes (some robotic).

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