Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Game Review: Fight Night Round 3

This is a game that I have admittedly had for a long time now. But I don't like to review a game until I've finished it completely (Which is why GTAIV doesn't have a review yet). The game is solid though, and pretty fun. Biggest problem with the game, lack of story. The do hint at a rivalry sort of like Pokemon Ash/Gary but most of it's left to the imagination. The meat of the game, the boxing, is done quite well. You get some places to choose to have the fight at but really there's not as many as there could be. The game is well made and never froze up or anything, in fact I don't believe I had a single glitch while playing. The graphics are great, what can I say, there's a lot of detail, especially when you get a knockout and you see blood/sweat come pouring out of someones mouth and their nose crumple up like a chip bag. Another great thing is the player creation tools which are quite in depth and the training as well.

There was one thing that really annoyed me. In the last fight of the game (that you get achievements for at least) For some reason it's pretty much impossible to win. I tried 5-10 times. But then, months later, I read on to use buttons instead of the stick for punching. I do that and get 4 knockdowns and a knockout in my first try! What the hell is up with that discrepancy?

In conclusion the game is limited by itself. It's boxing, a two person sport. There's two guys, they duke it out and that's it. It's great for a while but it's not going to hold you over like other games will.

Programming: 9/10 : Very fluid and I found no bugs
Graphics: 9/10 : Nicely detailed espicially as a launch title
Story: 5/10 : None except some reappearing opponents
Atmosphere: 8/10 : There's a couple of arenas to choose from and the commentary is good.
Control: 7/10 : Like I said, why the huge difference between Buttons and Stick?
Overall: 8/10 : I got this game for one reason achievements. You can probably get it used or rent it to get some achvs. but the game isn't going to over throw Halo 3 or COD4 anytime soon.

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