Thursday, October 30, 2008

Best Game So Far

I said I would not post unless I thought it was important but it is. My god woo!
So I was playing as my team in 2k8, the Hamilton Stingrays. Our rivals biggest rivals are the New Jersey Devils. Who we've played before. Twice actually, both wins.
First was a 4-1 slaughter and then a 5-1 whipping.
This time they came to play...
1st Period
So they start by scoring the first goal about five minutes in. I repeatedly ram the puck at the net but come up empty thanks to Brodeur, who, for those who don't know hockey is one of the greatest goalies of all time.
Second Period
We go into the second period and I tie it up 5 minutes in thanks to Lupul (who is f**king amazing, I had him scratched for some reason but finally added him to defense because we had an injured player then added him to our offensive first line and he got our teams first hat trick in his first game, go figure) .
New Jersey gets an interference penalty shortly after this but I'm unable to capitalize. New Jersey gets a goal. But I answer back immediately with Lupul, adding his second to the night. Unfortunately New Jersey gets another goal with only 30 seconds left in the period. And I'm unable to respond before the 2nd intermission.
The 3rd Period (and yes I changed my format here because its that damned important)
I'm trying my damnedest to get the puck past Brodeur but nothing works.
Finally a chance! The Devils hook Prospal and get a two minute penalty. I'm trying extra hard to no avail, "last minute of play in the third period"...did I mention I'm playing at home too?
Finally with about 40 seconds left I call in the goalie and get a 6th man out, the Devils get the puck and send it down the ice (Still a penalty) and I get Prospal to pass it to Kaberle, 25 seconds on the clock, who skates to the left of the Jersey goal, and then he fires the puck to the center where Hemsky, my defencemen unloads a rocket at the net, Brodeur just misses with his glove, GOAL! WITH ONLY 13 SECONDS LEFT! We go... into overtime...

Overtime, being 5 minutes, always go by quickly and this is not an exception, but wow were there some close calls, Toskala worked his magic and my players would barely escape with the puck. We're going to a shoot-out baby.

The Shootout
well if you have to go into a shoot-out against anyone it shouldn't be Brodeur. And remember, it's just me here, so I'm doing the goaltending and just trying to score.
  1. Crosby goes first and I try to shoot from farther away but I get too close, I make an easy save
  2. Kovalev tries a midrange shot and goes off the post!, I make a glove save
  3. Zubov and try some of the games Superstar Moves, first up the Through The Legs which I do too late and crash into the goalie, I make a blocker save
  4. Hemsky goes for a Sweden '95 shot but misses the net completely, glove save
  5. Kopitar tries a Calling the Shot, which involved me pointing at the boards then shooting at them.
  6. Fuck the Superstar Moves, I take Kaberle and shoot it into Brodeurs blocker pads,
  7. I take Lupul, hoping he'll work his magic but Brodeur gloves it
  8. I finally like some sort of infant child learning to speak use my right control stick to move the puck around. Prospal goes up moving from side to side, he bounces the puck off his skate, deeks Brodeur and SCORES! Thank god now all I have to do is stop this last guy. He comes straight at me, moves to the right, launches the puck at the bottom left corner, my pad comes in... and knocks the puck away! I WIN! Go! Stingrays Go!
P.S. What the fuck is with the Stars system sometimes? Lupul gets in with 2 goals but Prospal, who got an assist on both of those goals and the Shoot-Out goal gets knocked out by Gionta who only got 1 goal, 1 assist and the late game penalty that helped us win, yeah the makes sense.

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