Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Post of October

Well October went by as fast as hell. I can't wait for the Christmas season to start. Can't wait for November 1st ...ooh new AC/DC is on the radio... because it's the only good thing about Halloween for adults, cheap chocolate bars. I've beaten my record for most posts in a month with 13. Yesterday I fell asleep at like 7PM and woke up then just decided to go to bed till 7AM.

I think Monopoly at McDonald's is probably the greatest restaurant contest of all time, and 2nd goes to Roll up the Rim from Tim Horton's. But what I hate about Monopoly now is their go online crap, not Monopoly in particular because it's actually kind of fun. But I'm talking about pop bottles which advertise a fucking contest and I buy it and look under the cap and it tells me to enter a code at their fucking website. No thanks, I have no interest in a contest on your fucking website, I DID have interest in a contest on your fucking pop. A reliable pop though has always been Crush brand pop because they DO have whether you win or not under the cap. The thing that pisses me off about that is one time I won and tried to get another pop at the place I bought it but they wouldn't except them. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? NEW LAW! YOU CAN'T SELL SHIT WITH CONTESTS ON IT IF YOU DON'T ACTUALLY GIVE WINNERS THEIR SHIT!

Well I'm done with my little rant, see you in November unless I have more important shit to say tomorrow. Bye.

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