Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth (Day or Hour?) and Betasized

First let me talk about the "Earth Hour". It's stupid. It is almost as stupid as the Live Earth crap. What a freaking waste. I'll be honest here's what I was doing for Earth "Hour".
  1. Playing my Xbox 360
  2. On my television
  3. with my computer running
  4. with lights on.

I know what this is. It is the same idea as that stupid turn off the television for a week thing. All this is, is the media using the bandwagon it created for this "Earth is dying crisis". And it's laziness! Earth already has it's own day why not turn off the lights for a day? Hell we're half way there since a day is half natural light anyway. And Earth Day on it's own is annoying, look at this ugly ass flag! That in my opinion is the worst image of the Earth there is. We are left staring at Africa's ass and Antarctica. Lame.

In other news I got into the Battlefield: Bad Company beta. And although it's pretty good it has its share of problems. This weekend I never got around to doing much of anything. On Sat. I went to eat at KFC and stopped at Blockbuster and got some good deals. On Sunday I turned on the tv to watch NASCAR and here's what happened (within 5 seconds):

  • I noticed the race had already started
  • I noticed a wreck was being showed
  • I noticed Bobby Labonte was the main car of that said wreck
  • ASS!

Other than that I did nothing productive by any means. Some time this week I'm going to go to the Housing place on campus, probably after I figure out where that is.

P.S. I had another McRib and apple pie on Sat too.

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