Monday, March 10, 2008

20/20,000 Spectacular Extravaganza Fiesta!

Well yesterday was the 20/20,000 Spectacular Extravaganza Fiesta! The 20 is representing the 2nd decade that I've been alive for aka my 20th birthday. The 20,000 stands for the fact that I passed the 20,000 Gamerscore point this weekend. Here is my present round-up:
  1. Lotto Scratch Tickets which total $10 with a Keno coupon.
  2. Lost: Via Domis for the 360
  3. 2 Cookies 'n' Creme Chocolate Bars
  4. 3 pack of Trident Splash
  5. $50 Futureshop Gift Card
  6. $25 EB Games Gift Card
  7. 2800 Microsoft Points
  8. DVD- Goodwill Hunting
  9. DVD- Johnny English
  10. East Side Marios $5 Gift Certificate

In addition to cake this weekend was great fun. Played lots of Call Of Duty 4 in glorious hi-def on the big screen television. (Halo monks are singing in my head). Watched t.v. with the fam., Started playing the Lost game. Played Scene It: LCA with the family. Watched NASCAR (Bobby got 12th) And that's about it. Good ole laid back weekend. Also there was a hurrendous storm this weekend.

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