Monday, March 3, 2008


Woot! It's March! The month when all the world comes to celebrate me! First though I have to apologize for not posting for awhile now you see last week was Spring Break and I was at home. I rarely was on my computer so I didn't really have time to post. So I'll be telling you how my week went. But before that I'll update you on my temperture project. As you can see to the left it's been a very strange month. The humidity has been very strange and the outdoor temperture has been all over the place. (Keep in mind that the lines without dots are weekends I wasn't here for. The reason the Outdoor temp has them though is because I added tempertures from the website.) Anywho it's getting much warmer now.

Now on to the break. First I went to the mall with Jenni. I must tell you over the past few weeks my Shuffle iPod isn't as useful as it had been. A measly couple hundred megabytes. I needed to upgrade, it could barely hold my own playlist better yet the Q107's Top 500 playlist I made on iTunes. So I began looking at newer models last Saturday night and by that morning I had settled on the 3rd Generation iPod Nano. Here's why:
  1. 2nd Generation Shuffles are only 1 Gigabyte and that just isn't enough.
  2. Nanos are inexpensive.
  3. Nanos are small.
  4. Nanos have screens
  5. Nanos have more space (4gb-8gb)
  6. Nanos can play pictures, movies and games.
  7. Nanos are very pretty.

So I went with a 4gb iPod Nano for about $150 (That's a little bit more expensive than when I first got my Shuffle). I looked into how much I could get for my Shuffle and went on Ebay where the average price seemed to be... $10! Are you kidding me? Well I guess the new 1GB iPods are only $50. So I just gave it to Jenni (my girlfriend).

The next big thing would have to be Brian, Rob and I hanging out. We went to Wiggies (a tradition of sorts) And then headed back to my place for some gaming.

The next day was...


I would go before the judge who would then inspect my teeth. He would then send me back to live here or to the depths of hell known only as Cavity Fillings! It was uncomfortable, disgusting and painful. Luckily I passed with flying colours and was released into the wild once more. I went to EB Games (next door thankfully) And bought:

  1. A set of two Xbox 360 Controller Stands.
  2. A badass Xbox 360 skin and faceplate featuring my favourite characters of all time...


After that my mom 'wanted' to go to Wal-Mart and that's what we did. Didn't buy anything really. I got a Big Mac though. Yum!

Skip forward to Saturday. Jenni has dreams. One of these dreams is to become a famous singer. The other is being good at Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She accomplished neither of these. First we had to get up at 8. YES 8 AM which means 7 AM! So I drag myself to Jenni's and we are whisked away to the mall. I have never been to that particular mall before but it was pretty nice. Woah! I just had this 'flash daydream' where I was goofing around in the mall and was chased out by security. Anyway what really happened was alot less exciting. Jenni got in a line for what I assumed was the audition. 'This shouldn't be too long' I thought. Boy was I wrong. So to waste time I went into EB Games in the mall and looked through the used games section and bought:

  • Test Drive: Unlimited-$15-20
  • F.E.A.R.- $25
  • Call of Juarez - $8.99 (What an F***ing steal!)

So quite happy with myself I went back to Jenni with my catch. So then I walked around and didn't find much to do. So I waited for Jen to finish her...REGISTRATION! AH! We haven't even gotten to the auditions yet! Jen has one of the damn stupid number and it' s like 073911. I look at the board on the stage 'Now Serving 073600-073630' Oh God. So I walk around thinking this will go by fast. Jen sure thinks it will since she can't get off her ass lest she miss her audition. I come back a half hour later wanting two things A. Be with Jenni (she had two friends there) B. EAT! I try explaining to Jenni 'Hun it's been an hour and they're only at 073700. WE HAVE TIME TO EAT!' She says 'I don't want to miss my audition'. I eventually drag her by the hair out and she eats doughnuts and then mooches on me (who bought his own food mind you) for poutine. She didn't get any of my Grandpa Burger that I can assure you.

What seemed like months later we finally got into the 073900s and Jenni went in line and her parents came to see what happened. Jenni was led outside to the trailer where she didn't get in. She was a little angry but far less than expected (She was holding it in) We went to Turtle Jack's and I had some pasta (I'll just mention this now that me and Jenni went to Wiggies the night before (no reason for mentioning this other than she might get mad if I don't mention it)).

Well we got back to her place and she wanted to play GTA:VC. She's on her fourth mission (maybe third) and all she has to hit a pizza delivery man. One problem how she drives is like looking at a gorilla's teeth -- horrid, jagged, yellowish, and terrible to look at but yet quite humourous. She screamed several time at the game, me and the world. She threw her controller at the ground that would make the angriest baseball/hockey/football coach runaway in tears. She did beat it though. (I'm here to tell the tale aren't I?)

I'll try to post my review of Call of Juarez and Assassin's Creed this week. And I'll inform you of the 20th/20,000 Spectacular Extravaganza Fiesta going on this Sunday!

It's 2:30 AM I'm damn tired. Need Sleep. Good Night!

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