Sunday, April 13, 2008

Took the long way home

"Wow" I said to myself. "How do I get into these predicaments."

So I got up early today to go check out a house that I could possibly rent.

I had my trusty map and left at 11am, arrival time 11:30.

Follow along with the map.

First I crossed the swamps of Welland to the parking lot street (now known as Chippawayan Blvd.) and passed the police academy place (now known as Children's Safety Village).

Now I'm on Rice Rd (previously Chippawayan Blvd) and looking across the street I see the Children's Safety Village (actually Alexander Kurska school). I move north along the road and see another building, this must be the Children's Safety Building I say to myself. As I get closer I realise it's the Niagara District Catholic School Board. Must not be on the map I guess I say to myself.

I turn and walk along the road, beside a corn field and see another school. What is this? I examine my map more closely... OH MY GOD. Niagara Catholic School Board is on the map but it was so far away from my plotted course I never saw it. The school up ahead must be Nouvel Horizon and I'm not even in f***ing Welland and it's 11:25!

Sure enough it was Nouvel Horizon and sure enough I was in Pelham. I continued walking, because backtracking would be pointless. After that I was being annoyed. because everytime I would look at my map. I would step in the only puddle in a mile. And strangely enough when I was walking in f'ing grass I walked into a god dam pothole. Any way I made it to the house 20 minutes late but my god was it amazing. That' s definantly number one in my running.

I'm checking out another house today but it'll be hard to top that. Tonight I'm hoping to update you with a Super Spectacular Edition of the Stinger503's Movie Fiesta!

P.S. How on Earth I thought a corn field fit into my imaginary map I have no idea

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