Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Week in Stinger503

I just had the best meal I've ever had while in residence. Some pormodoro pasta, which is pretty standard. But I also had some oven baked chicken (toaster oven) that had garlic butter and lord wsa it good. Took 35 minutes to cook but man was it good.
I think I'm also gonna have some chili/cabbage rolls.
Lost is on tonite and I can't wait.
On Monday I stayed after class to play Age of Empires II with classmates and I had a blast.
Ok just wait Lost is starting right now...
Wow Lost was good but not as intense as last week.
Tomorrow I'm going back home, should be fun. Jenni is coming down to get me.
Well, next week I'll be posting my reviews of Lost: Via Domus and Call of Juarez hopefully.
Today I slept until 5:30! PM! Need less to say I think I've payed off some of my sleep debt.
And that's about it, I'll see you next week.

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