Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing Stinger503's Lists

I'm taking a break from my homework for two things.
  1. Unveiling my lists
  2. Complain

First my Lists will be a "segment" if you will of things that piss me off, I like to eat, games I like, etc. They can range from 10 or 100 and here is my first list entry...

List: 100 Things that Piss Me Off

List: 100 Things that I Forget

#46 & #3 (respectively)

THE <> (greater than less than) symbols. There must be an illness for this. Some sort of disease. I





I have been learning these from at least grade 3 and to this day I cannot remember which is which. How is this possible!? Good lord this should be easy to remember but there no way, I will always forget. And here is why this pisses me off! WHO INVENTED THIS CRAP! "Hey let's make them the same except backwards" Idiot! Why not make a greater than bigger and less than smaller and than its problem solved. Not only that but they also have ^ on the keyboard. How useless is that. Every other symbol on the keyboard is useful except that! You can't even use it as an arrow because it's too far up. The ONLY thing it's used for is writing math in computer notation which is stupid. At least regulate it to the num pad where it's with +- that way it can be used in math. And then put something useful in it's place like a smiley face or anything!

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