Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the question.

Recently I came across this blog entry by John Derringer, a radio show host I listen to frequently. The article is about Twitter and how it's bad. Of course recently I started my on twitter account, so I'm going to try to analyze how and why twitter is relevant.

John says that twitter is for IM (instant messaging) and networking for social groups. But I disagree, in fact I'd say it would be a terrible use of twitter.
Twitter is a combination of pretty much every big internet social development of the past 5 years (except maybe Flickr and other photo sites). You have Facebook, which really started the "What are you doing?" thing. A dab of blogs and personal sites. IM or commenting. E-Mail and finally Messenger services such as MSN or Yahoo!. I think probably the most promising use of twitter is for news, much like RSS feeds.

Self-Importance? Not really, it's more just for fun. A time filler if you will. I post crap up for no reason, like "Watching T.V." I don't think anyone gives two sh!$s about it. Sure I like it when I get a follower but it's not an obsession (Most are just selling crap anyway). Now this is kind of hypocritical of a guy who has his own radio show and is complaining about this in his BLOG. What's the difference between a blog, or vlog (youtube channel) and posting on twitter. Nothing really.

People need to be more open. And I was one of those people before, back two years ago, I detested Facebook. "What a waste of time!" I thought, and now I'm glad I have facebook. So to the haters in the comments, you'll probably have twitter in a few years. (In fact I think I felt the same way about twitter too!)

Ironically, I found the Q107, John's station, already has a twitter and I'm now following it. As Chuck Berry would say "Goes to show you never can tell".

P.S. The title was pretty clever eh?

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