Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post-Vacation Update

I have a ton of stuff to do here and at the CIPS Golden Horseshoe website which I'm helping with. I need to post my looking at 2009 for Xbox, reviews of Milk and Gran Torino, reviews of some games, I want to do another music countdown, post videos and pictures from my vacation, try and compress this weather thing I've been doing all year, review Paul Bart. So I'll get something done right now:

Yesterday I signed up at to show off some photography (in reality it's to impress a girl in my class). I've been getting a couple views and favourites so far. So it's pretty cool. Either check it out by clicking the follow me link on the side or right here at

A couple months ago I also found, which uses your information to makes your 360 blog about what you play, it also keeps track of your achievements and you can play in achievement point contests. Check it out here

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