Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crazyest Most Vivid Dream Ever

So I'm on a "vacation" similar to Curacao with my whole family. This time though it's in the Petrolia/sarnia area. I can't remember most of the dream so I'll get to the vivid part. We're on a bus going down a hill. I'm looking at a bunch of storm drains gushing out water, which I remember from something in a memory I have. Then I look ahead. We're going to fast. Our tires screech on the wet pavement, it's pouring out and we slide over and into a river. The water fills the bug lightening fast. I'm at the back and get pushed out either via the door or window. I see a bunch of people out too as I watch the bus sink to the river bottom. I go back to the surface and take my memory out of the camera, my sisters are already up there. Sarah gives Jen her camera and I follow suit placing my camera on the edge by the water with the memory chip on top of it. I dive again to look for anyone needing help. At first I think I'm not going to get very deep, but my breath sort of evens out. I find my cousin Ben, I examine him first to see if he needs help, then take him to the surface. I bring him into some house and put him onto a table and blow some air on him to resesitate him. I talk to him on MSN (while he's in front of me?) and we go to see the others. My grandpa says, have you seen grandma (jokingly because my grandma is right there). Everyones around the table talking. It ends and I wake up. Very vivid, especially the bus going into the river.

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