Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Review: Gran Torino

Gran Torino has to have been my favourite movie of 2008, although there's a lot of contenders. Clint Eastwood is astounding. He's both menacing yet heartfelt and funny. Not to mention bad ass!

The basic plot is that Eastwood is Walt Kowalski, an elderly war veteran who just lost his wife. He feels disconnected from the rest of his family, dislikes Father Janovich (played by Christopher Carley who's great), the local vicar (or priest whatever) and basically hates everyone.

This include his neighbors who are Hmong. Their son Thao (Bee Lang) and daughter Sue Vang Lor (Ahney Her) are harassed by their cousin, who basically leads a local gang. They try and recruit Thao by getting him to steal Walt's Gran Torino, Thao's a bit of a weakling but Walt intervenes. Walt then takes Thao under his wing.

Sue is great as Thao's no nonsense sister who doesn't put up with Walt's sterotyping. The atmosphere was great capturing Detroit in the rough times it's going through. The ending is very satisfying and there's a ton of great humour.

Acting: 9.5/10
Story: 9.5/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10
Rated: 14-A (ONT) R (USA)

P.S. I definitely recommend listening to the them song for the movie "Gran Torino" by Jamie Cullum, it's below, Clint Eastwood sings for the first minute or so.

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