Monday, March 23, 2009

Regarding This Red Eye Fox News Canada Fiasco

Here we go:
0:00-0:55 : Wow this is a horrendous, terrible, disgraceful, despicable, disgusting portrayal of our army and a slap in the face to the dead soldiers. NO IT ISN'T. Our army is pathetic. We're ranked 46 on a list of largest armies. And about our lost soldiers, a lot of them died because of shitty equipment. And the guy even points out our lack of tanks, which isn't a joke, it's true. People should be more outraged at how under funded the army is.

0:55-1:05 : I'm terrified of the U.S. invading us! Remember, ranked 46? U.S. is number 2, and we have more fresh water, oil and other resources than them.

1:05-1:20 : Doug Benson, 2006's Stoner of the Year (High Times Magazine) talks. Enough said.

1:20-1:32 : He has a point. But to be fair, countries like Ireland, Denmark and Norway don't have large armies either, and those countries are in former Hitler territory, so you'd think they'd know better. Also they shouldn't be talking considering even with their big army they got hit on 9-11 and tons of illegal immigrants are pouring into their country.

1:32- God I really don't like this guy so I really don't want to watch this...
1:32-1:55 : Arrogant stereotyping of Canada. We do have normal police. Christ even mounties don't where red most of the time. Oh good a nice lady is going to be fair to us.

1:55-2:40 : Please don't defend us again lady. First off let's straighten something out, Canada isn't "taking a year off". We're withdrawing our troops which was planned and decided by our government. Something your inept governments haven't done (yes both democrats and republicans) And then you throw in this Cold War era crap. "The Front Lines with Russia" what decade are you living in? The Cold War fear mongering is worse than anything.

2:40-3:13 : I wonder why Norway's government isn't whining about this? Maybe cause they have better crap to do then watch youtube videos of late night Fox news "comedy" talk shows?

3:15-3:30 : The first part makes sense, but then he just goes on and on. Is he talking about American forces? Canadian forces? Iraq? Afghanistan? Doesn't really make sense. Mostly conservative nonsense.

3:30-3:50 : The only thing you have to worry about for Mexico is when their army will be patrolling your streets. Just noticed something, isn't strange that our army is coming home, the U.S. is beefing up theirs overseas and we (Canada, US, Mexico) can use our armies in each others countries now?

3:50-4:00 : Wow is this a joke? Siesta gets point out as a stereotype but throwing mounties and cold don't bat an eye?

4:00-End : "Evildoers"? Enough said.

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