Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Game Download Review: COD:WAW:MP1

Today I'll review the Call of Duty: World At War: Map Pack 1, I won't be reviewing the Zombies map though, just the multiplayer maps.

First is Nightfire: basically a night map in the streets of a German city (Berlin?) in flames. Now as a sniper the map is okay, it's not as big as Seelow and there's a couple of okay sniping spots. The map is pretty fun for objective based games like sabotage. And there is a variety of strategies one can use (ex. go through factory, alley, across street to sniper or enemy base, etc.) so you have to be on your feet.
Overall: 8/10
It's fun but there are areas for improvement.

Second is Station: Basically a recreation of the subway tunnels from the campaign, this map is a bit of a bitch because it seems as though there's ALWAYS someone behind you. This is because of the multiple tunnels that link from the main big tunnel to the secondary tunnels. There aren't any lighting issues here either. Also fun for games of sabotage. Sniping can be done here but it's kind of lame.
Overall: 8/10
Pretty good, sort of like the map Elongation from Halo 2.

Finally there's Knee Deep: This is definitely my favourite Pacific based map. It's quite large and features various sniping spots. Great fun for objective games and death match games alike. Starts out kind of boring but it really grows on you. Favourite map from the pack, better than the other Pacific maps like Makin and Courtyard (not sure of the name).
Overall: 9/10
All round very good.

BUY? Yes

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