Monday, November 29, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Sports 29/11/10

The Hamilton Stingers won their game in a monstrous fashion beating division rival TopRushers 144-58. Analysis: Vick, Foster, Hillis and Bowe all had over 20 pts! Which easily made up for the no shows by Bryant and Jackson.

Standings wise, I go up two games (8-4) on the Bad Boy Ballas (6-6) for the lead in the Central Division. Meanwhile Eazeland All-stars continue to lead the East by a comfortable 3 games. Finally  the race for the West has been blown wide open with Westside 7-4-1, Copperheads 7-5, MOH 6-5-1 and Hombres 6-7.


The Moscow Maulers continue to march into the playoff defeating the Saints 100-89. Analysis: Close game, Green-Ellis, Vick and Tamme all had good games. Everyone else seemed to have problems (Johnson fighting, Rice injury, etc).

This raises the Maulers to 6-4 and keeps them one game up on the Detroit Lions. In the Central division, the Razorbacks continue to fall apart now 7-3 and tied with Teammitchel and Johnnyblaze.

The East division is still wide open with Team Decap and Piper Downs at 6-4 and Bone Crushers 5-5.

Finally the Norfolk Maulers is still on going. Currently I have a 10 pt lead on Katy’s Bratpack. Playing for me is Crabtree, and for Katy is Gore. I just received word that Gore is not going to be playing the rest of the game, meaning the Maulers win. This brings them to 9-3 assuring the Maulers a playoff spot!

In the Central Division Facemob also has a 9-3 playoff spot. The West Division is still wide open though, Nessquick went to 9-3, the PCB Bengals went 8-3, Yojimbo and GBD are at 7-4.

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