Monday, November 1, 2010

This Week In Fantasy Football

Fenix Firecrackers lost to the Bulldogs 141-131. Analysis: Embarrassing, mostly because my reserves were LOADED (35-26-17-22-21!) The big letdowns were Martinez my QB with 11 points, Fleener my TE with 1 pt and JK my WR with 1 pt. This leaves FF 6-3 and 3rd for the West Division. This week looks to be huge as The Trojans (2nd in West) go up against the East Division leader Auburn and the Blastmen (1st in West go up against UDM 2nd in East). FF faces CC’s Irish Thunder, 4th in West standings (behind FF) but on a 3 game winning streak.

Caledonia Spartans won, but with the skin of their teeth. 130-126 against Jump Around. JK (again), Paulson WR and Beall RB were all disappointing. Spartans improve to 8-1 and are going against the team 2nd in their division, the Medford Drewids (5-4).  

**WAIVER WIRE UPDATE** THIS COULD BE THE PICK OF THE YEAR! The Fenix Firecrackers are trying to pick up Ryan Tannehill, a WR in FF who is now the starting quarterback. What does this mean? This means rather than having 1 solid QB and 1 chancey WR, I could now have 2 solid QBs. I’m pretty low on the wire but I’ll keep you updated!


Meanwhile in the NFL…

The Norfolk Maulers are up by 13 pts on Yojimbo. 1 player to play: Yojimbo’s Derrick Ward the secondary RB for Houston. Analysis: I’m praying that Arian Foster keeps this guy out. Seriously this would be an embarrassing loss, he has 2 players on BYE and his 1st RB and QB combined only got 11 pts. Standings wise, a win would put some space between me (5-3 if win 4-4 if lose) and Katy’s Bratpack (3-5) who are 2nd in the East Division (I’m 1st)

The Hamilton Stingers have won their game 93-72 against Westside with Arian Foster (Stingers) still to play. Thankfully Cassel played well (Vick, Cutler and Flacco were all on BYE) as did the rest of the team (everyone over 5 pts). The Stingers improve to 4-4 and tie for 1st in the Central Division.

Finally the Moscow Maulers won against the Chicken Hawks, 61-49 with M. Hart, Andre Johnson and J. Tamme still to play tonight (let the slaughter begin Winking smile) Fitzpatrick played well. The Maulers go up to 2-4 and 1ST in the West Division (it’s a terrible division, what can I say?) Moving the Detroit Lions down to 2nd with 1-3-1 with the Tigers in 3rd at 1-5.

A special thanks to the Rams DST who I picked up in a last minute move for all 3 teams. They got 21 pts.

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